Cover for You have my heart, does not matter where you are!

You have my heart, does not matter where you are!

Meet our lovely couple Jyoti & Anurag

"Distance means so little when someone means so much"

Jyoti and Anurag had a love marriage. They both met in the month at a company where they were joining on the same day and that's when they first spoke to each other. Slowly they became friends and realized that they lived very close to each other but had never crossed paths earlier. They worked together and eventually became very close friends and this was the best part that they got to gradually know each other over time and used to love each other’s company so much. There was something that clicked and drew them towards each other.
A few years later Anurag went to London for a job and that's when it hit them that will be too hard to live miles away from each other. They say people who love truly can never be separated by distance. And this phrase kept them going and having faith in each other. During those 3 years of long-distance, they saw a lot of ups and downs, some unnerving fights, some sea like deep lows, and sleepless nights trying to get some time on video chats. They eagerly used to wait for the time when Anurag would visit India and they would finally get to see each other in person. Through all those hardships, they embraced it all. Despite facing difficulties and challenges they did not give up and stood firmly. After all, home is where the heart is. Later luckily and amazingly Jyoti also got a job offer with the same firm where Anurag was working. Jyoti was so happy and ready to set in London. It was the happiest moment for them. Later that year Anurag FINALLY proposed to Jyoti while they were on a vacation with friends and everyone exclaimed it was about time. In the bride’s own words “I hopelessly fell in love with him for the umpteenth time. All he had to do was stand there, simply look at me, and smile. “Despite having different cultures and castes their families happily accepted their relation. They had so much fun preparing and celebrating the wedding functions with mixed cultures.
Alas! In the end, their love won and they proved distance never matters between two people who love each other.

Pre-Wedding Shoot

Jyoti's and Anurag wedding celebrations started with the pre-wedding shoot. Their pre-wedding shoot was held in the beautiful location 'Rishikesh'. They wore different attires in the shoot. The entire shoot was really amazing and we loved working with Jyoti and Anurag.


Engagement Ceremony

Jyoti & Anurag exchanged the rings at Goldfinch Hotel. Jyoti wore the gorgeous red gown by Aditya & Mohit whereas Anurag wore the formals by Gargee Designers. Our duo looked adorable together. Our couple did a romantic dance which was the best part of the entire ceremony. Other members and friends also rocked the floor with their dancing moves.

Mehendi Ceremony

The Mehendi ceremony of Bride & Groom was at their respective home. Jyoti wore a suit along with floral jewellery. Jyoti's Mehendi ceremony was full of unlimited fun. The female members of her family congregate together, sang and danced to different songs. 

Haldi Ceremony

Haldi Ceremony is an important ritual in Indian weddings as it protects the couple from the evil eye. Haldi ceremony of the bride was at her home. Everybody applied Haldi paste to the bride and gave the best wishes for the upcoming life. 

Wedding Ceremony 

Jyoti & Anurag's wedding was held at Mithas Forever. The venue was very beautifully decorated. Jyoti wore the gorgeous lehenga by Aditya & Mohit whereas the groom wore a Sherwani by Gargee Designers. Their wedding had a large gathering with more than 500 guests. Both bride and Groom looked simply adorable. Jyoti did a classic entry under the 'phoolon ki chadar' accompanied by her parents. Their wedding was overloaded with blessings, love & fun.

We had the most amazing time capturing this wonderful couple Jyoti & Anurag. May your love become more grounded each and every passing year. We wish the newly-weds a Happy Married life ahead!- Team Rajesh Digital