Do you want a Bollywood touch in your wedding?

Everyone wants to have a good cinematic wedding film for their special occasion. Have you heard about lip dub?! NO?! Well, wedding lip dub is a great way to make a memorable and fun video. Also, lip dub video makes you and your family members feel like a pop star. Lip dub is a great way to reflect your personality as a couple. If you want to give Bollywood touch to your wedding then lip dub is perfect for you. Why should Bollywood have all the fun? Lip dub is not your typical wedding activity it is crazy fun to do. Here, in Rajesh digital, we make lip dub is like a Bollywood music video. The first thing you have to do is select the song that is peppy and full of energy. Also, select the song that you both as a couple are familiar with and have some meaning of your relationship. After you have selected your perfect song to try to include those people that matter the most first and also include those people you know who are expressive and fun. These guys will take your lip dub at a higher level. It's really important to include a larger group for your wedding lip dub. Start lip dub shoot before the main wedding ceremony. The pool party, post-sangeet, pre-wedding shoot, etc are a good time for lip dub. The whole point of having a lip dub video is to capture the fun aspect of your wedding. The most important thing in lip dub is to have fun. Be yourself, enjoy the day and let go when you lip-sync. Here, are some amazing lip dub videos.





               2. RAJAT AND ANCHAL LIP DUB



          3. MEGHA LIP DUB








                          5. BINDU AND NISHANT



                     6. TANYA LIP DUB