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Wedding Poses for Indian Bride – Must Have Clicks for Brides!

If you are a bride then you must know about all the dresses, the theme, the design of Mehendi and especially the kind of poses you will be doing for your album. So if you are going to get married soon then you better be prepared with some badass poses That you can do for your wedding photography.

You can get ideas from various wedding photography websites. For reference, you can check out our website for amazing ideas. Or you can follow this complete checklist of must-have clicks for the brides.

Complete Checklist of Must-Have Clicks for Brides

 1.The Haldi and Mehendi Ceremony

indian wedding girl poses

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bridal photoshoot poses indian

You can get some amazing candid shots during the Haldi and Mehendi ceremony. For that, you don’t have to particularly pose for the camera but you can always try to be in the moment more in order to let the photographer do the job.

wedding poses for indian bride


2. Some Solo Shots

These kinds of solo shorts are very easy to take. In order to pose for them, all you have to do is look directly into the camera while making a movement you can make the move towards the camera also in order to make it look like you are walking towards it.

Wedding Photos bridal Pose Ideas

wedding poses for indian bride

wedding poses for indian bride

3. The Queen Shot

If you have dressed as a queen for your wedding then why not pose like one for the pictures. If you have spent hours getting into the dress and makeup then you have to make sure that the pictures justify the effort and the final outcome. You can try out some of the poses shown in the pictures.

indian bride poses

4. Some Creative Angles

You can also try some creative angles for your photoshoot. For starters, you can try the top shot where you just have to show off your jewelry. For such shots, the photographer takes pictures from above.

Or you can try some creative angles by standing in front of the mirror and pose like the bride shown in the pictures.

indian bride poses

wedding poses for indian bride

5. The Ones With Friends and Family

Lastly don’t forget about getting some great pictures with your friends and family especially the mother. You can get those emotions and the moments captured in your pictures that you can cherish for a lifetime.

wedding poses for indian bride

indian bride photography poses

indian bride photography poses

indian bride photography poses

Wedding Photos birde Pose styles

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