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Fabulous Wedding Photography Ideas Every Bride Should Know

When it comes to wedding photography, a lot of couples depend on the photographer to take candid pictures. Now, if you want exceptional photos or photos of your choice, you certainly can’t depend on just candids. You need to have some poses up your sleeves, especially for brides who want pictures that can justify the dressing up for hours. 

When you put so much effort into getting dressed for the wedding, and everything from makeup to lehenga is dripping with perfect, you have to have good pictures, right? So, don’t worry because we have got you covered. We have brought you some fabulous wedding photography ideas that every bride must know about. 


Wedding Photography Ideas for Brides (with pictures)


1-The Mehendi Shot
One of the best ways to flaunt your wedding preps is by flaunting your Mehendi through pictures. This wedding photography idea is best if you want to get creative with your pictures. 



2-One with the Sunglasses
You can rock sunglasses during your wedding as it will give you some really amazing pictures. Doesn’t matter if you are outside or inside, it’s your wedding and your album, so you shouldn’t leave any stones unturned to look the best in your pictures. 



3-The Classic Ghunghat Shot
This is yet another wedding photography idea that you should not miss out on. All you have to do is pose with your ghunghat. Check out the pictures shown below to get the right idea. 




4-The Lehenga Shot
Since you dressed up so well for the wedding, it is mandatory to have a shot where you flaunt your lehenga. But wait, don’t just go for a regular shot but rather go for a creative shot. For such shots, the angle of photography changes to give you a more aesthetic shot like the one shown below.




5-Getting Ready Shots
The most important ones and the most trendy ones are the getting ready shots. Being a bride you can document yourself while getting ready along with flaunting your wedding attire. 


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