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In the era of urbanization, our society has been changed in various zones. Hence, Weddings in India have also changed drastically where it was a short wedding with all the rituals to be fulfilled, now weddings are as big as they can get.

From accepting western dressing culture to having a buffet system in weddings all have been changed. From weddings taking place at homes to the latest trend of weddings in Delhi which are the most kind of theme-based lavish and royal weddings in Delhi are increasing day by day. A wedding is an essential part of everyone’s life. And everybody wants to make this day memorable and flawless. This can’t be possible without having a wedding cinematographer in Delhi.

Wedding is not about friends, relatives and family. Ultimately it’s all about you and your partner. This is the big day for both of you. You dancing your first dance, your sister’s first serious speech for you, your friend’s leg-pulling speech in front of all your relatives and your wife’s first wedding smile when she looking at you. You will forget these little moments you did that day, but wedding cinematographer will help you to remember this as your life long memory.

Why Should You Hire Best Wedding Cinematographers in Delhi for Your Wedding??

A wedding cinematographer is someone who will create your wedding love story in such a beautiful way that when you see this you will fall in love again. Here are some reasons that’s why you should choose the best wedding cinematographers for wedding.

1. Wedding cinematographer capture moments with music- Photos can provide an image of freezing a moment in time. But wedding videos capture both moments with music. With a wedding video, you will be able to hear your spouse whispers about your first look, your dad’s proud eyes, and your mom’s laughter. You will also be able to watch your first kiss as newlyweds, your first dance and your grandparent’s amazing dance moves. For as beautiful and artistic photos can be but they can’t capture pictures in motion with the sound.

2. Wedding videos compact the emotions of day- It is so important to hire the best wedding cinematographers in Delhi who will not only clicks the raw footage of your big day but also edit it down to create an emotional kind of movie, frequently set to music, that will surely tell the storyline of your wedding from pre-wedding shoot to vidaai. You will feel happy!! You will feel sad!!It’s the most sentimental thing to enjoy your wedding day.

3. The Secret Teller- Your wedding day will go quickly and in Delhi weddings, you will be busy with wedding rituals. Therefore, you will not able to see everything. For example, you might not see your parents dancing neck-to-neck while you are mingling with guests. But your cinematographer can capture these moments on film and allow you to watch them later.

4. You can watch your wedding video repeatedly-For sure, you cannot hang your wedding video on a wall and see it every day like you can do it with your photos. You can find special occasions like wedding anniversary or engagement anniversary etc. to watch it with your family. Your wedding video makes those memories flooding back when you see it.

Why Should You Hire“Rajesh Digital” as The Best Wedding Cinematographers in Delhi??

This can be a magical moment if you are doing something special and different. We can make a special video of your special day- Introducing with the preparations, the ceremony, dancing- everything!!

Here are some obvious reasons that’s why you hire “Rajesh Digital” as one of the best wedding cinematographers in Delhi:

1. A Personal Trait- First of all, we tryto get familiar with you and your family. The love birds- Your preferencea and dislikes, if you have a love marriage then your stories from the past and if you have arranged memories then stories of your pre-wedding shoots or stories of your romantic dates, dreams for your future, etc. Every wedding is personal, is tailor-made to fit YOU.

2. Experienced and Professional Cinematographers- With more than 60 plus years of experience in the wedding industry, we know now that the surest thing anyone can assume that something will go wrong. That’s why we have a plan B or plan C always. We have a team of experts and the best wedding cinematographers in Delhi that will handle this carefully. With our great experienced team and support, Rajesh Digital assure that we are always there for you during your wedding.

3. Drone Footage during Wedding Ceremony- Drones have become a trend in wedding videography and we have taken advantage of this exciting addition. If you are unknown with the drones, these are flying cameras which can create videos of your wedding ceremony. Although all venue owners in Delhi do not allow drones. Therefore, when we get a chance to grab the opportunity to have drones then we will make out of this. This is what makes ‘Rajesh Digital’ as one of the best wedding cinematographers in Delhi.

4. The Fine-Art of Editing- Through effecting editing, we tell the loving story of wedding and family. It is the editing that creates magic- Capturing people, stories, memories, celebrations, dance, and rituals- all at the same time. The way the video is edited will recall your memories of colorful stories, family characters, relatives and a special legacy.

Hiring a wedding cinematographer in Delhi is not on your priority initially but when you decide to add this in your checklist. You will definitely love the video when it turned out.

If you are in hunt of getting one of the best cinematographers in Delhi then “Rajesh Digital” is your perfect choice. We will be happier to serve you the best wedding videography services in Delhi. We ensure that you will never disappoint with our work. Our dedication and passion toward our work and client’s satisfaction are what that makes us the best wedding cinematographer in Delhi.