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Unofficial Date of Anmol & Yashika Turned into a Lifetime Relationship

A long time ago, someone said: - You feel true love in life when you realize that you love someone and at the same time you will decide to spend your whole life with that person.

Exactly just like Our Couple Anmol and Yashika

It was a love marriage. Anmol & Yashika met for the very first time at a mutual friend's birthday party in January. Our couple Anmol & Yashika and their friends were in high mode and enjoyed the birthday party very hard and after that enjoyment, they decided to dance together on the song "Chaha  Hai Tumko" which became the favorite song for them. At that birthday party, the two came close to each other.  There was something extraordinary that clicked them two felt that can't be communicated in words. Similarly, as individuals state that they got all-consuming, instant adoration, we can say that they got their affection at the primary gathering. After the first meeting, both were occasionally met two or three times with friends group. In June, Anmol asked to Yashika go out for a movie date with him, They both enjoyed their date together. Their affection towards each other increased day by day. According to Yashika till the date, he didn't propose her. Both started dating unofficially and then after five years of relationship two got to knew and see each other very well which is a good sign in a relationship. Finally, five years of the relationship of Anmol and Yashika were now going to be one for a lifetime. 

"True love means loving each other until the very end."

Family Reaction 

Anmol and Yahsika's families were showing them some Rishtas, then both of them decided to tell about their relationship. When both of them told their family about their relationship, then both of their families were happy with their decision. After the conversation their parents fixed a meeting, everyone was very happy with their relationship. Then they decided to have a little Roka Ceremony in July 2019. Their all family members were very happy and excited about their wedding. 

Pre-wedding Shoot 

Anmol and Yashika's wedding celebrations started with a Pre-Wedding Shoot. Their pre-wedding shoot was held at the Picture Destination. Both of them looked so cute together during of pre-wedding shoot. The two of them attempted various dresses in their shoot. Their prewedding shoot was very romantic and so out-of-control that showed their love before their Big Day. In short, their pre-wedding shoot was very romantic as the other couple want.

Engagement Ceremony 

Anmol and Yashika's Engagement ceremony was held at Regalia. Anmol dressed up with the formals that made his look so elegant whereas Yashika wore Red wine color Lehenga designed by Blush Shapurjatt which made her look so gorgeous in it. Everybody praised Anmol and Yashika for their beautiful look. Anmol and Yashika did a special couple dance on a romantic song. Everyone enjoyed seeing Anmol and Yashika's couple dance and cheered them with a big noise. The atmosphere of the Engagement ceremony was transformed into a musical night. Everybody including the couple did lots of fun and danced together on the beats of the different songs.

Mehendi Ceremony   

Mehendi Ceremony was at their respective places. Yashika wore the blue light shade embroidered lehenga with a yellow crop top. The ceremony was transformed into a melodic night with the uncommon delight and festivities. Everyone included the bride moved together which was loaded up with favors and love.

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Wedding Ceremony

"Your wedding day will come and go, but may your love forever grow."

At long last, the day came which is significant in everyone's life that is the "Wedding Day". The venue for the wedding was at the Ryan farms. The lobby enhancement was lovely and glitzy, who attracted everyone else. Now, talking about the outfit of the bride, she wore the elegant lehenga designed by the Frontier Raaz South Ex which matched with the sherwani of the groom. Both Bride and Groom looked stunning in their outfits. Everyone praised them for their look. Anmol and Yashika's wedding ceremony was a mix of emotive conventions and healthy feelings. Everyone gave them lots of blessings for their upcoming life.

Anmol & Yashika Wedding Teaser

We had the most amazing time capturing this wonderful couple Anmol and Yashika. May your love become more grounded every passing year. We wish the newly-weds a Happy Married Life ahead !- Team Rajesh Digital