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8 Ultimate Ideas For Wedding Couple Portrait Photoshoot

Millennial Couples get very serious about their Wedding Couple Portrait Photoshoot now more than ever. And this is the reason they are always looking for ideas and inspirations on social media. 

And if you are a similar couple who spends hours on the internet looking for motivations then you are at the right place as we here at Rajesh Digital have brought you some Wedding Couple Portrait Photoshoot Ideas that have always worked for us.

Hence the following are 8 Ultimate Ideas For Wedding Couple Portrait Photoshoot that you should definitely try in 2020:


The Smiling Gaze

This might be one of the most overdone pose ideas out there, but you should still try it as it has not lost its charm to this day as there is nothing more beautiful than a natural smile of joy. 


Hold her from the back

This results in some really sweet and romantic pictures. You have to be as creative as you can be to bring life into such pictures. Just make sure that you have a wonderful background that is just mesmerising but not distracting so as it takes the attention away from the couple.


The Swaggy Pose

We believe the wedding album should be filled with every kind of pictures like romantic, intimate, fun and swaggy. 


The Intimate One

This is another great idea for you to try. These are the images that help the viewer understand the chemistry that you as a couple have. And what is a wedding without some romantic and intimate pictures?


Shift Focus

This is one of the creative ideas. These pictures always seem to wow people due to the innovation that is put in clicking them.


The Kiss on the Forehead

This is another old fashioned idea that you should definitely go for. And if you are bored with the usual dynamic you can also switch things up.


The propose moment

This just looks lovely. Even though the original moment passes months back, most couples try to recreate this memory on their wedding day so that they can cherish this moment forever.


The Dramatic Studio Lighting 

This is a newer concept. With this, you can make the most out of your Wedding Couple Portrait Photoshoot with creative lighting and shadows.


Hence these were 8 Ultimate Ideas For Wedding Couple Portrait Photoshoot that you should try in 2020. And if you are looking for more such content, you should definitely go and check out our website Rajesh Digital.