Cover for A typical well-arranged marriage where the groom sang a song for her bride

A typical well-arranged marriage where the groom sang a song for her bride

Meet our lovely couple Shivani & Raghavendra

" A great marriage isn’t something that just happens; it’s something that must be created." -- Fawn Weaver

Raghavendra and Shivani had a typical arrange marriage. After Shivani finished her post-graduation her parents started putting her profile on all the matrimonial sites to find a suitable life partner for their daughter. In fact, every Sunday Shivani's Nani used to check the matrimonial section of the newspaper and call all the people she shortlisted. One Sunday morning her mother got a call from Raghav’s mom saying that they had liked Shivani's profile on matrimony and wanted to talk, so her mom spoke to them, and immediately she liked them. At the same time, Shivani's Nani shortlisted a profile and called on the number given. That was Raghavendra’s dad's number and they also had a similar conversation. It was weird and strange that both the families chose each other, on the same day through different portals. So the contact numbers got exchanged and Shivani & Raghav were left to talk to each other and figure it out. The very first time when they both spoke to each other it was something special. They spoke for two hours. As they both spent a major part of their college life in Mangalore so they had a lot in common from discussing their favorite restaurant, beaches, to their love for food and cooking. From the language barrier, they faced in college and their half baked knowledge of the Kannada language, to patients, professors, and the culture, etc. It felt like they understood each other and also shared similar passions and interests. After talking they decided to meet each other but the conversations didn't stop. Most of the time they used to be kicked out of the restaurants during closing time, as while talking they did not realize how the time passed by. After a few meetings, they realized it was time to make the parents meet for further discussion. The day their parents met was the perfect day as their parents mixed up really well. It turned out that both their dad did their MBBS from the same institution so they spent the entire evening chatting even though they both are introverts. It felt like both of the families had been friends since forever. Things went smoothly after that. They met a few more times and realized that they were in love and surely perfect for each other. Their marriage got fixed within a span of three months which was early at first but obviously, it happened for the best. They went crazy planning for their wedding, she was either out for shopping or on a date with Raghavendra.Everyone who met them told that they were meant to be together. Both of them proved Love is just a word until someone comes along and gives it meaning.

Sangeet Ceremony 

Shivani & Raghavendra's sangeet ceremony was at Radisson blu Plaza. Shivani wore a dress by Sangeeta Swati whereas the groom wore a Raymond customized formals. Each and every family member including cousins and friends danced their hearts out at the ceremony. Shivani & Raghavendra also did a romantic dance performance. One of the unique things in their ceremony was, Raghavendra sang a special song" Jab tum pass ho" for Shivani which made the bride emotional as well as surprised.

Mehendi Ceremony

Shivani & Raghavendra's Mehendi ceremony was at Radisson blu plaza. Shivani wore elegant attire by Vandana Sethi whereas the groom wore a kurta pajama by Ritu Bansal. All the women of the family & friends applied Mehendi on their hands.

Haldi Ceremony

Raghavendra wore a light yellow kurta whereas Shivani wore Saree along with floral jewellery.  Everyone applied turmeric paste to the couple and gave them lots of blessings for their upcoming life. 

Wedding Ceremony

Their wedding was held at Subroto Park. The venue was decorated flawlessly and witnessed a large gathering Shivani wore a gorgeous lehenga from Frontier Raas and on the other side groom wore a vibrant sherwani by Heritage. Her makeup was done by makeup artist Gayatri Sharma. She looked like a princess at her wedding. . Everyone gave a lot of blessings to the bride and groom. The moments of their marriage will always be memorable.

We had the most amazing time capturing this wonderful couple Shivani & Raghavendra. May your love become more grounded each and every passing year. We wish the newly-weds a Happy Married life ahead!- Team Rajesh Digital