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7 Tips for an Easy, Affordable and Styled Pre Wedding Shoot

If you are a couple looking for ways to do an easy and affordable pre wedding shoot then this article can help you. Pre wedding photoshoots are fun as they feature a beautiful spot, a catchy theme, and lots of dressing up. 

But most of the time it’s the cost of it all that puts the limit on creativity. But in reality, it shouldn’t. That’s because a pre wedding shoot can be done using everyday items. Don’t believe us? Well, here are 7 tips to an affordable and styles pre wedding shoot. 


1. Turn regular items into props

You can go for regular props to do the pre wedding photoshoot rather than going for something fancy because, on camera, everything looks good if the picture is clicked from the right perspective. So you can use an old guitar, a shawl that you bought for cheap, etc. 

2. Select theme wisely

You have to select the theme wisely in order to make sure that you will have everything available for the photoshoot. If you want affordable photoshoot, you have to find the right theme. You can have a Christmas theme photoshoot or a summer pre wedding photoshoot. 

3. Don’t wear expensive attire

You don’t have to spend thousands on your clothing. You just need to get the right outfit that does the job. If you think that the clothing you are going for is expensive, you can just rent it out rather than buying it. It is always best to start with what you already have. 

4. Artificial jewelry

If you have decided to wear jewelry for the pre wedding shoot, it is not mandatory to buy it for a photoshoot. The best way to go here is to get Artificial jewelry that you can wear during the photoshoot because it is almost impossible to differentiate one from the other in pictures or you can just rent it out. 

5. Improvise

If you think that the dress you are wearing has some flaws, at such moments, you can take the call to improvise. In such cases, rather than taking a full picture, you can just take the picture of half of your body without having to show that part. 

6. Go easy on locations

For pre wedding shoots, people generally go for expensive destinations and click pictures in front of icons like Eifel tower, Taj Mahal, etc. But you don’t necessarily have to compete in that race. You can choose an unconventional route by choosing places that are less-visited but are just as scenic. It could be at the riverside near your home or inside your own house. It is all about poses and the quality of pictures that the photographer clicks. 

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7. Create your own setup

This is where you can take the help of the photographer. Usually, the locations for pre wedding come with a setup that often includes some added costs. You can avoid that by building your own setup using artificial lighting, deflectors, and what the location has to offer like a bench, an old car, shade of the tree, etc. 

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 Tips for an Easy, Affordable and Styled Pre Wedding Shoot
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There is so much one can achieve by using a bit of creativity and presence of mind. Pre wedding photoshoot is less about the expensive props and dresses and more about creating memories. So, one can do that easily once the goal is clear in mind about what you are supposed to do. If you want to know more about styling an affordable pre wedding shoot, book your photoshoot with Rajesh Digital. We are a team of professional photographers who have been working in the industry for over 60 years. You can also book your pre wedding shoot with us at Rajesh Digital and we assure you to deliver an excellent album to you that you will cherish for a lifetime.