Undoubtedly the hardest moment in any Indian girl's life. The time when the wedding ceremony has ended and she has to leave her maternal home to go with her husband. Vidaai is the most emotional time for the bride and also for the family. This is the time when the bride said 'farewell' to her family and leaving her maternal home. In the Hindu custom wedding, it's called 'vidai' and in Muslim, it's called 'Rukhsati'.



During the vidai ceremony the bride is joined by her parents and associates, which lead her outside the doorstep of the house. Prior to intersection the doorstep, she tosses back three bunches of rice and coins over her head, into the house. This symbolizes the bride is repaying her parents for all that they have given her so far.



This is the most enthusiastic snapshot of the total wedding service as the bride's loved ones says goodbye to her. With this, they likewise favor her for a happy married life. The bride's father takes her in a car or doli and hands it to the husband. And then the father asks him to take good care of her throughout the life. After this the brothers and cousins of the bride push the car, to help her leave and start her new life. Once the car starts, coins are also thrown to ward off any evil.



On the day of vidai emotions are all mixed, happiness for marriage, the sadness of farewell, excitement to start a new life. Every girl knows that she has to leave her family behind one day and embrace the family of her husband. Girls are mentally prepared for vidaai but when the time comes girls are unable to control her emotion and nor their parents and associates.


It's so emotional time to say 'Goodbye' to your little princess. As their small, adoring little girl respects another existence of joy; guardians are loaded up with sentiments of bliss for her, and they favor her with everything that is in them. All the while, the torment of being isolated from their youngster makes their eyes well-up with tears. 


Similar feelings are seen by the bride also, as she embraces her folks and contacts the feet of the older family members as a motion of looking for their gifts for her new life. Vidai is the last ritual of the wedding after vidai wedding is ended.



            I still get goosebumps looking at these pictures.