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The top 7 Wedding themes for 2021

The first step towards planning your wedding is the theme because once your theme is decided you can go on with further plannings. There has been a time when only the old school traditional wedding was your only option but with time and emerging trends you've got so many new themes to look forward to and give yourself the perfect dream wedding you deserve. Well if you're still confused about what theme to pick let us filter out the top 6 themes for you that you'll absolutely love 

1) Romantic

Romantic weddings mostly include the love of the couple, Every couple has their own fairytales kinda love, right? So romantic weddings include soft hues,  delicate lighting, a lot of florals. Well, you can envision it with hanging fairy lights, chandeliers, flower walls, calligraphy, and something that is beautiful, romantic, and important to you both.

2) Rustic

With the emerging trend, Rustic is the most popular and new traditional theme that most couples opt for, The rustic themes give a more kinda relaxed, and soothing vibe which gives everybody some relaxation, energy, and chance to have fun to their peak. Rustic themes include older buildings, farms, cellar doors, outdoor gardens attached. The couples who are location savvy and are on a budget should go for the rustic theme.

3) Contemporary and Glamorous 

Contemporary and Glamorous weddings are for those who want to have a Big fat wedding and want to woo people and give them something to remember, These weddings are mostly called luxury weddings, They have large floral decorations and lighting, There are several things to enjoy and lots of food trucks with good seatings. This theme focuses on glam and aesthetics.

4) Beach Theme

Want to have a wedding and vacation in one trip, Then a destination beach wedding is perfect for you, You can book a beach resort or hotel as your wedding venue, Since most of the beach wedding events are outdoor, you can provide colorful umbrellas, hats, scarves, cool sunglasses, etc, Jazz music, Hawaiian costumes will add more fun to your wedding, you can also have a cocktail, rain dances to have the best of your wedding.

5) Apno Rajasthan

Rajasthani wedding theme is a very popular theme these days to go with. You can go with folksy decor like low floor seating with cushions and bolsters for your Rajasthani theme wedding. You can add Rajasthani folk songs and dance performances and entertain your guests with puppet shows. The Rajasthani wedding theme has a very warm and traditional vibe to it and is perfect for a theme wedding.

6) Royal Wedding

You can have a majestic wedding and feel like a royal couple at your wedding, For a royal wedding nothing more than a royal majestic venue would do, you can add your heritage elements. Add a little drama to your royal entry with grand announcements.

7) Boho Indian Wedding

The Boho or Bohemian aura is all about blending natural elements with exquisite eclectic pieces to create unique and distinctive aesthetics. You can add tents and teepees, Whimsical canopy mandaps, Lights that delight, dream catcher delights, etc. For a bohemian touch to your outfits, you can add flower crowns, foilage varmalas. 

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