Cover for Swati & Satvinder's love story like a roller coaster ride

Swati & Satvinder's love story like a roller coaster ride

Meet our lovely couple Swati & Satvinder

Their story is not less than a roller coaster ride of love, happiness, emotions, tears, togetherness, and most importantly friendship with which all of it started. Eventually, they ended up where they meant to be. 

Satvinder & Swati were childhood friends. They were in the same school since LKG class and used to go to school on the same bus and that’s how they knew each other and since that long. As kids, they used to play post-school as they lived nearby in the same locality, exchange homework and copies, and stuff like that. As they grew and shifted to different classes, the friendship gradually faded away with no harsh feelings of course. So for like a few years, they weren’t in touch but in the same school, different sections. As they moved to higher classes their streams got changed but they still had the same bus and also joined the same maths tuition where they started getting along again after so many years like normal friends, At that time they bonded very well. By the time, they were back to being best buddies and started talking over the phone, chilling, and studying together. This friendship continued as they passed 12th grade and left school moving to colleges. Swati started doing CA (no college) and Satvinder started with his BTech (regular college) so Satvinder used to involved Swati with his college friends and she used to hang out with him and his college friends during the initial years of graduation. And one day suddenly Satvinder proposed Swati to which she was awkward at her first but yes, she had also some feelings so she said yes. As they both had their first relationship so they were all new to all this and tried figuring out things. Satvinder made every effort that requires a relationship like gifts, surprises, etc. Satvinder was the typical Bollywood guy who would do anything for Swati to made her feel special. All this continued for some years but unfortunately due to some circumstances their friendship got affected and the vibes were so negative that with a heavy heart Swati called for the breakup. They stopped talking with each other completely. Satvinder still used to make efforts to talk but Swati was rigid as she did not want to hurt him. Satvinder still had the hope that Swati might come back in his life and they will get married. Instead of no interaction for so many years, Satvinder's plan and focus didn’t change which was the most astonishing part of their whole story and was the actual reason they are together. Four years later things went upside down when Swati got to know the demise of Satvinder's father. It shook her completely as she knew that Satvinder was closest to his father and her. During this tough phase, she decided to be with him as a support system. It wasn’t a great time to be together but then that was fate and they accepted it. Again they started talking, meeting, and chilling as friends with no expectations and commitments. As time passed by Swati realized that Satvinder still loved her the same and also there was some strong connection that can't be felt with anyone else. Swati understood the vibe and they happily got back together after four years of their breakup. Everyone who knew them was very glad. Things got matured by the time and in just no time their families met and discussed their marriage. And then what? finally, after lots of ups and downs in their relationship, they got married by the blessings and grace of God. We can say that at last their Destinies won the game and they got blessed forever. Hence they proved a couple who fights together, stays together.

Pre-Wedding Shoot

Their wedding celebrations started with a Pre-Wedding Shoot. The concept of Swati and Satvinder's shoot was very unique as it was totally based on their actual love story. They wore different attires on the shoot. No doubt their shoot was highly applaudable.

Engagement Ceremony

Satvinder and Swati exchanged the rings at Golden Tulip. Swati wore the light shade gown by Indu Fashions whereas Satvinder formals by Bharat Reshma. Swati's subtle makeup was done by the makeup artist by Simran Sehgal. Both of them looked completely adorable. Our couple's special dance performance enthralled the crowd. Their engagement ceremony was fully overloaded with fun & happiness and dance performances.

Mehendi Ceremony

Swati's Mehendi ceremony was at Country Inn. Swati wore Pink shade lehenga along with the floral jewellery by Shines floral in which she looked very beautiful. Everyone did special dance performances for the bride. We can say that her Mehendi ceremony was loaded up with bliss and Joyfulness.

Haldi Ceremony

Haldi Ceremony is one of the most significant ceremonies. The venue was decorated with flowers and drapes. Swati completed her look with saree. All the family members applied turmeric paste to the bride and groom turn by turn. All the members showered their blessings to the bride and groom for their happy and healthy married life.

Wedding Ceremony

The venue for their wedding was Country Inn. The venue was decorated very beautifully. Swati wore the lehenga by Sahil Fashion Bazar and Satvinder wore Sherwani by Nasir. Her makeup was done by the makeup artist Yashika Arora Tandon. She wore her jewellery by Aabhushan. Their pair looked fantastic together. Their wedding ceremony was full of emotive traditions and hearty emotions. Everybody who came to the wedding gave them Best Wishes for their upcoming life. 

We had the most amazing time capturing this wonderful couple Swati and Satvinder. May your love become more grounded each and every passing year. We wish the newly-weds a Happy Married life ahead!- Team Rajesh Digital