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5 Stunning Tips For Bridal Makeup Photoshoot

If you are about to get married soon, you must have hired a makeup artist so that you can look your best on your wedding day. Now there is a reason why it is important to go for good bridal makeup. It’s not just because you need to look good in your wedding pictures but also because it’s going to be a long event and there won’t be any time for touch up. 

So, you need makeup that can last all day. Also, you will photographers a lot more than you do on a regular day. This is why you need to be prepared. So, here are our 5 stunning tips that you can follow for your bridal makeup photoshoot. 


1. Prepare your skin for the photoshoot
This is a very simple but effective trick to keep your skin alive throughout the day. You need to start by drink a ton of water. Try to keep your water intake to the max not just on your wedding day but also throughout the week or month if possible prior to the wedding. This will give your skin a natural glow which will help your skin perform better during the photoshoot. 

best tips for bridal makeup

2. Contour
If you want to make your face appear thinner and show some definition on the face then you can go for contouring. If done right, it can help in giving your face a structure and make it appear a little thinner than it looks on camera. But if you don’t want to go with contouring, you can try highlighter. It is just as effective and can give definition to your cheekbones. Doing this can really up to your bridal makeup photoshoot game. 

Stunning tips for Bridal Makeup Photoshoot

3. Go heavy on the blush
Since it is important for your makeup to last throughout the day of the wedding, you need to go heavy on things without which your face may look washed out. One of those things is Blush. It’s an important part of your wedding makeup and truly it’s one of those things that can instantly increase your overall appeal. You can try to add different layers of blush and experiment with colors to get the right result. 

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4. Make your eyes look bigger
One of the things we learned from collaborating with different makeup artists is the trick to make eyes look bigger. Now, it is true that bigger eyes attract in pictures. If you do have big eyes then you probably won’t need this advice but if you have relatively smaller eyes, you can go for this trick. It’s about using white eyeliner at the bottom inside rim of your eyes using a white pencil. This gives an illusion of extended white area of your eye thus making it look bigger. 

bridal makeup photoshoot tips

5. Don’t be afraid of more
Do you know what looks good for professional photography? Heavy makeup. Yes, makeup on the heavier side can actually a good bridal makeup photoshoot. You might feel that it is not necessary to do a lot of makeup on your wedding day but your pictures will say otherwise when you will look flat or washed out in the pictures. So, if you want to look good in your pictures, make sure that your makeup is visible/bold enough for the camera. 

best bridal makeup photoshoot

beautiful bride photoshoot

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