Cover for Just 20 minutes of conversation decided Himanshu and Jayati is made for each other

Just 20 minutes of conversation decided Himanshu and Jayati is made for each other

Meet our Lovely Couple Himanshu and Jayati

It doesn't matter how long you've known each other. What matters is the one who says, ''I'll be there for you,' and always was, and still is.''

It was an arranged marriage. Jayati's family has a relationship with Himanshu's aunt. Himanshu and Jayati initially met with their families on March 10 at a restaurant in Kalkaji. The two of them sat at a different table for about thirty minutes to become more acquainted with one another from their families. For the initial ten minutes, they basically sat in a quiet mode.  Both of them did not understand how to start the conversation. It was like when we meet someone for the first time, we have fewer words and we got confused about how to converse with one another, this is what happened with both of them. 

They both wondered what to start in the middle, there was a couple, whose two young children were sitting next to the table. Their children were crying and they both smiled upon seeing it. That smile encouraged both to talk. After 15 minutes when they got comfortable they started talking and discussed each other's details, likes/dislikes, and occupations, etc. After twenty minutes their families call them and ask the two about their decision. Himanshu and Jayati decided in just 20 minutes to spend their entire lives with each other. They chose shortly to go through their whole lives with one another. Jayati's parents and her brother were already okay with the relationship before coming to the restaurant as they had already known Himanshu, but Jayati and Himanshu had not met anywhere before. In fact, Before her first meeting, Jayati told her family that she would meet Himanshu at least 2-3 times before taking a final decision but she said yes in the first meeting itself. But there was something special in that smile to which she immediately said Yes.

Both of them were happy with their decision, their parents were also very happy. After that in the restaurant, Himanshu completed all the formalities and then called his relatives and friends as Himanshu's relatives and friends were very excited and happy about his wedding. Actually, Himanshu was busy a day before their meeting due to his friend's wedding, meanwhile, his family was having words with relatives and colleagues. The next morning when he woke up, his family told him that they were going to meet a girl tonight. And yes that girl was Jayati. Himanshu found out in the morning that he had to go to meet Jayati tonight.

Pre-Wedding Shoot

Their wedding preparations started with a pre-wedding shoot. Their pre-wedding location was in Delhi. Their shoot started with a cute proposal just like our couple. They both different types of attires in their entire shoot. In short, their shoot was simple and sober.

pre wedding shoot

pre wedding photoshoot

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Himanshu and Jayati's pre-wedding video

Sagan Ceremony

Himanshu and Jayati's Sagan ceremony was at Cherish Banquet. Jayati wore a fairy style gown in which she looked no less than any other princess. Both of them looked equally graceful. They both did a romantic dance move that enthralled their families. Everyone danced together and made the atmosphere happy and surpassing.

Haldi Ceremony

The beautification of Haldi makes the Haldi ceremony an important ritual before the wedding. The Haldi Ceremony of groom and bride was at their respective homes. Himanshu wore a simple yellow color kurta and pyjama. Each and every family member applied Haldi to the groom and gave him blessings.

haldi photography

haldi shoot

Mehendi Ceremony

Mehendi ceremony of the groom was at the AISF Banquet. Himanshu wore the unique indo-western attire in which he looked handsome. Each woman applied Mehendi to their hands including the groom. Along with applying henna, everyone danced fiercely and celebrated this ceremony just like the dance party.

mehendi photography

Wedding Ceremony

The venue of Himanshu and Jayati's wedding was at Ocean Pearl Gardenia. Jayati wore the elegant lehenga from Jagdish & Sons India LLP whereas the groom wore the sherwani by Studio Awadh. Jayati's makeup was done by the artist Leena Bhushan. Our couple very perfectly did the Mannequin Challenge video with the help of their families and friends which was liked by everybody. In the end, all the people blessed the bride and groom for their upcoming future life.

indian marriage

indian couple

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indian marriage

capture by rajesh digital

Mannequin Challenge of Himanshu and Jayati

Himanshu and Jayati's Video


We had the most amazing time capturing this wonderful couple Himanshu and Jayati. May your love become more grounded each and every passing year. We wish the newly-weds a Happy Married life ahead!- Team Rajesh Digital