Cover for Shritima & Sunny || A Lavish Luxury Wedding

Shritima & Sunny || A Lavish Luxury Wedding

Shritima and Sunny was another beautiful couple that came to us for their wedding photoshoot. And they wanted nothing but the Best Wedding Photographer. And we assured them that they are in the right place.
Couples nowadays go for all kinds of photoshoots like Pre Wedding Photoshoot and Candid Wedding Photography but Shritima and Sunny were a step ahead. They wanted a Luxury Wedding Photoshoot.
The wedding took place in Haryana. The couple wanted all kinds of photos like color, monochrome and photos with tint.
The couple loves animals so the bride also wanted a picture with her pet labrador.
The couple also wanted us to be creative with their photoshoot. And we tried our best to meet their expectations. After the wedding, we also covered the couple's reception, and it was beautiful!
And as the bride knew that she was looking ravishing, she wanted a bunch of her own pictures to flaunt on social media later on.
It was one of the most beautiful weddings that we the Rajesh Digital team has attended.
We are happy for the couple and we wish them the best for their coming years of togetherness.

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