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Fun Loving Pre Wedding Photo Shoot Beyond Books | Rajesh Digital

Pre wedding has become the latest trend in the wedding industry with couples striving to have a pre wedding photo session with the partner before the wedding ceremony. It has become pivotal in a couple's life to get captured while they unravel new destinations and explore beautiful and exotic places of their choice. Since the pre wedding shoot is planned weeks before the wedlock, couples get enough time to know each other and develop perfect chemistry among themselves.

A team Rajesh Digital had a great opportunity in covering one such pre wedding, where the couple desired to get captured in different themes at different places. Our team of professional photographers captured the stunning moments of Vikas and Srishty at a romantic pre wedding in Delhi.

What we captured were some of the most inevitable moments of the couple, their desires, passion, and interests. This food aficionado couple yearned to get captured in the cookhouse while flaunting their cookery.

Vikas and Srishty had a great time together at a pre wedding photoshoot session. Here are some of the most amazing and beautiful shots of the couple in different styles.

How about including your friends in your shoot?
That is a great idea! Not everyone includes friends or family in the pre wedding shoot, the ideal reason being that the couple gets more open and comfortable when left alone. However, including your intimate friends in your shoot will make it look friendlier and full of fun and love.

Hit the library: If you are a book lover -

Capture some of the amazing shots behind the romantic pages of romantic books. There is nothing like a library if you are a book aficionado. Grab your favorite book, Romeo Juliet? and flip the pages while getting the shots clicked by the best pre wedding photographer in Delhi.

Playing games -

Are you a brainy person who knows the next 7 steps of the game? Who tries to checkmate the opponent in mind, why don't you chess with your partner? Get yourself captured while showing your interest, passion, and cult for the game.

Let's Have a drink -

Choose a cozy place, grab a beer, lit up the gathering of your friends with cheerful aura and get your memories captured. You can choose a place of your choice or set up a place of your choice, come up with your own theme and just shoot.

Romancing -

Get some pictures clicked while romancing with your partner, you can use different styles and poses to capture yourself. But how about romancing with your beloved while your friends looking at your, making faces or pulling your away from eath other?

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