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Roles Of A Couple And A Photographer In A Pre Wedding Shoot

Pre Wedding Photography is a hugely successful trend now and especially in places like Delhi. Here not getting a pre wedding shoot for your wedding means that you are missing out ion a huge thing which means that you are left behind in this reckless society. Hence every couple now wants a Pre Wedding Shoot nowadays. And most of us are new to this and might have a lot of questions when our time comes, whether we are a couple or a Pre Wedding Photographer in Delhi.
Hence we at Rajesh Digital are here to tell you the different roles that the couple and the photographer play in a pre wedding shoot.

Doesn't matter if you are a couple or a Pre Wedding Photographer in Delhi, you should go through both the list given below so that you know what duties the other party has in the shoot.

So if you are a soon to be a married couple here are a few duties that you have to do at your Pre Wedding Shoot.

Choose a photographer: This is the most important step towards a good pre wedding shoot and you should always choose the best Pre Wedding Photographer in Delhi you want great results from your pre wedding.
Dress and Makeup: Another important element that either makes or breaks your pre wedding shoot. Make sure that the dress you and your partner chooses is unique and helps you stand out.
Choose a Theme: Having a generic theme is outdated. Hence you should be innovative with this and choose a setting that adds to the beauty of the photoshoot.

Be You!: No matter what happens never stop being yourself. Because as it turns out when you are comfortable in your skin there is nothing more beautiful than that. And you should never pretend to be somebody else.
Keep in mind some Poses: Of course, the Pre Wedding Photographer in Delhi will help you with this but it won't hurt you to know a few poses yourself.

And if you are a Photographer, Pay attention as the next list is for you.

Choose the perfect destination: It is also the photographer's call to choose a location as they know better than the couple that which site will work best for a pre wedding shoot.
Be Alert Always: As a photographer, you should always be on your toes to capture the best moment so that you do not miss out on any of those precious moments.

Set the perfect shoot: This includes everything from the placing of lighting equipment to planning the camera angles. You have to make a setting that looks majestic that seems brilliant for a photoshoot as the scene looks nothing less than a movie scene.

So, these were some of the duties that a couple and a photographer has to uphold during a pre wedding shoot.