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Role of Bridesmaid and Groomsmen in Indian Wedding

There is have to be a special person on your wedding day who would look after you and make you look beautiful and handsome at every moment of your d-day. Not just hire him or her but luckily we all have that special person in our life who we do everything with. It can be our sibling too. But they got to have a fantastic role in the wedding ceremony. 

Role of Bridesmaid and Groomsmen in Indian Wedding

That’s why there’s a privilege to be a bridesmaid and groomsmen. 

Weddings are so important in our lives that we end up waiting for decades to get to this perfect day. It is one of the most monumental events that happen to us once in our lives. So, this event has to be perfect and flawless. Whether you are marrying a person who you are in love with or getting married to fall in love with, this event or your life will be the most cherished day that you will treasure for the rest of your life.

Role of Bridesmaid and Groomsmen in Indian Wedding

Tell me, are you a bridesmaid or groomsmen? What next? 

In this blog, we will tell you what to do to deliver your role as bride and groom most important person on their wedding day.

There are hell lot of things to take care of but we will run you through some of the most important ones. So, pay attention.

1. Shoulder the responsibility of being available

The first thing that you should keep in mind is that you need to make yourself available every time bride or the groom needs you. Just stick to them. It is their important day and you can make wonders happen by keeping yourself available to assist them.

importance of Bridesmaid and Groomsmen in Indian Wedding

duty of Bridesmaid in Indian Wedding ceremony

2. Shopping?

Assis the bride/groom to shopping. Make sure that he/she looks perfect in what they pick up. Be it any wear, you need to ensure that they fit them and suit them and most importantly the to-be bride or groom is comfortable in the dress. 

duty of Groomsmen in Indian Wedding

duty of Bridesmaid


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3. Distribute the cards

Being a bridesmaid or groomsmen is a privilege. While the family distributes cards to the relatives, bridesmaids or groomsmen can distribute cards in the friend circle of the bride/groom. 

Role of Groomsmen in Indian Wedding

4. Avoid social media user?

Handle your besties social media handle to respond to those wishing him/her on the wedding day. 

Role of Groomsmen in Indian Wedding

5. Keep Neembu (lemon) and Cheeni (sugar) ready

During the mehndi ceremony, bridesmaid must make sure to keep the neembu and cheeni ready.

Role of Groomsmen in Indian marriage

bridesmaid on mehendi


6. Take charge of the Sangeet ceremony

If you know your friend, then it is the perfect time to play their playlist. Make a list of the best songs he/she loves to listen to day and night. 

bridal party groomsmen

bridal party groomsmen


7. Know when is the baraat coming

If you are a good bridesmaid, you will have networks from the groom’s side to exactly know what’s happening (preferably the groomsmen). 

groomsmen and bridesmaids matching

groomsmen party

9. Wedding preparations

Make sure everything is in place and as planned. Make sure to check with bridal makeup appointments, stylists, etc. Keep track of the bride/groom - whether they are fine, have they eaten something, do they drink a lots of water, etc.

bridesmaid and best man

junior bridesmaid and junior groomsmen

10. Don’t lose the shoes

If you are groomsmen, the best part about any bharaat is not losing the shoes. Make sure that groom doesn’t have to pay a price for it.

bridesmaid and best man

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