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Professional Wedding Photographer in Delhi | Rajesh Digital

Professional Wedding Photographer in Delhi

Being the capital, New Delhi is considered to be the heart of the nation. New Delhi is famous for a lot for things like street food, market places, and tourist attractions. But another thing that Delhi is famous for is its weddings. Weddings here in Delhi are no longer like they used to be. Couples now go all out on creativity to make their wedding more memorable. And another thing that has changed with weddings is Wedding Photography. We have seen Wedding Photography grow in the past decade. Professional Wedding Photographer in Delhi has gone from Tradition to Candid and Offbeat in the last few years and we are not complaining. And the reason for this revelation is simple. People just grew tired of the traditional photoshoots. People had been seeing them for years and however good the wedding was the photoshoot
would just turn out to be monotonous.

And it is due to the creativity of the Professional Wedding Photographer in Delhi that we can witness this change in the wedding photography industry.

We all know who Professional Wedding Photographer in Delhi is most of us wonder what all services do professional photographers provide.

Well we can't say about all the professional photographers out there but we here at Rajesh Digital have been doing professional photography for more than 60 years now and here are some of the services that we provide to our clients:

• Pre Wedding Photography- This trend has been in the industry for some time now and we see it evolve every day. People nowadays don't want a simple pre-wedding shoot. Instead, they try their best to make this phase of their wedding unforgettable. We have shot a lot of destination pre wedding shoot at places like Goa, Ladakh, and even Dubai. Pre wedding photography is an important aspect of the wedding that the couple shouldn't miss.

• Candid Wedding Photography - We have already talked about how more and more people are moving towards Candid wedding photography from traditional posed photography. And the reason for that is simple, People love that happy and authentic vibe that a candid photo carries. This is the genre that lets the viewer see the real emotion of the moment.

• Destination Wedding Photography- We are an India based photography house but that has not stopped us from covering our clients for Destination Wedding Photography weddings at places like Singapore, Dubai, and Nepal.

• Maternity Shoots- People want the most important phases of their life to be photographed and motherhood is definitely one of those moments. Motherhood is a miracle of life that cannot be defined by words. And this is where these shoots come in. They celebrate the couple having their child. These Maternity shoots are done in the later stages of the pregnancy.
These were some of the services that we provide to our clients. And if you are someone who is looking to have a photoshoot then you can come to us.

Why choose Rajesh Digital?

We, the Rajesh Digital is a team of Professional Wedding Photographer in Delhi, give our hearts and soul to meet our clients' expectations. We have been in the photography industry for more than 60 years now and during that time not just we have mastered the art of photography but have also gained great empathy for our clients. We understand what our clients need. And if you are someone who has some particular requests regarding your wedding photography then try us.

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