A dreamy royal wedding of Priyanka and Seemant in Udaipur

 An Ideal happy marriage is simply two imperfect people loving each other and refusing to give up on each other no matter what!

Meet Our Lovely Couple Priyanka & Seemant

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Priyanka is from Surat and Seemant is from Udaipur. Priyanka is a Baker and takes care of her restaurant and Seemant is into mines and marbles business. Their meeting was completely arranged by their parents. They were sent to meet in Jaipur with a very casual meet. This is how Priyanka & Seemant met for the first time. After there first meeting they decided the next meeting they will do in Udaipur where the families would also join them. Seemant liked her in the first meeting but Priyanka was sure that she would not marry him as they are completely opposed to each other. She says, "He is a serious kind of man and I am completely the opposite." Priyanka liked him when they officially meet in Udaipur with their parents, first meeting in Udaipur and she thinks that’s the beauty of there relationship the way he acts and behaves to match her level of craziness is the best. Priyanka said 'yes' to Seemant after there Udaipur meeting. And that's how their story begins!

Pre-wedding photoshoot

Destination Wedding Jaipur from PRIYANKA + SEEMANTH SOCIAL MEDIA PICTURE by Rajesh digital


The wedding celebrations started with a pre-wedding photoshoot. Priyanka and Seemant had there pre-wedding photoshoot done at Fairmont jaipur. They shoot pre-wedding in trending ways


 Destination Wedding Jaipur from PRIYANKA + SEEMANTH SOCIAL MEDIA PICTURE by Rajesh digital 

Destination Wedding Jaipur from PRIYANKA + SEEMANTH SOCIAL MEDIA PICTURE by Rajesh digital

Haldi Ceremony

Priyanka & Seemant's D-day began with an auspicious Haldi ceremony in the morning. They had combined Haldi ceremonies with their respective families. Their Haldi ceremony opted the crazy way! Priyanka & Seemant were completely drenched with water & milk and had an insane Haldi bash.



Dazzling Sangeet Night

Priyanka & Seemant's Sangeet night was full of power-pact energetic performances. The dazzling night saw everyone sashaying down the dance floor. The Bride & Groom gave a romantic performance.

Beautiful performances by the Bride & Groom and their respective families and friends

A Lavish wedding with unique Varmala

The wedding was at Radisson Blue, Udaipur. On the special day Lunch, and fun games were also arranged, making the D-day a super fun event! the decor was very elegant. The wedding was very grand, around 500 people attended the wedding. Talking of the outfits, the bride wore a gorgeous lehenga by Faabiiana India and the groom wore a beautiful Sherwani, and her make up was done by Ish Preet. The highlight of the wedding was Priyanka & Seemant's varmala. The Varmala was in between the water body with a troop of 30 people dressed as god and goddess. This type of Varmala first time occurred at Radisson Blu, Udaipur. 


Priyanka & Seemant's wedding video


We had a lot of fun to capture this beautiful couple. We wish the newly-weds a happy married life ahead! Team Rajesh Digital








Written By - Meharjabin Ara on 17 Dec, 2019