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Pre Wedding Preparation Tips Every Couple Must Know

As we know that in today's era pre-wedding shoot has become very popular as well as trending too. Pre-wedding has become integral and essential for couples. You can also think about adding a distinctive touch to your prewedding shoot with fun & preparation.
Here are Some tips which should be kept in the mind:-

Finding the Right Dress
One of the most important factors is to find out the right outfit. Deciding what to wear is the toughest decision. There are many options like long gowns, sarees, crop tops, etc one can decide according to their choice. Your photography depends upon your outfit. Couples should choose clothes in which they feel comfortable, and can easily move in. Couples should wear the outfits in which they feel good. To be bride should pick that outfit that flows in the air, It can help them to pose as well. This outfit is trending these days. Prewedding shoot happens only once in a lifetime so one must plan to arrange at least 3-4 dresses. Color shades also play a vital role in the outfit. Color shades are as important as the outfit. The choice of color also depends on the location. If the location is the seaside then one must pick bright colors, it totally depends on the couple like what is their preference. One should co-ordinate their dress with their partner. Couples should pick elegant colors. One of the most trending dresses which is the first choice of every girl nowadays is Long Trail Gowns which looks very beautiful and classy, By wearing this gown the girl feels like a princess of the kingdom. It also helps for a good pose. Guys should prefer formals as formals contrast with the girl's gown and hence give an elegant look.

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Footwears are everyone's best friend also a very essential part of your pre-wedding outfit. There is much trending footwear like high heels, Ballet shoes, stilettos, etc. A good pair of footwear, not only adds to fashion appeal, they help you to create the perfect look & satisfy your fervor. One must choose the footwear in which they feel comfortable.
Girls prefer Heels basically whereas boys prefer Formal shoes or boots. It depends on the dress as well. One should carry different types of footwear with them because nobody knows when someone's mind can change.

Facial Treatments for healthy skin
Facial treatments help to clear the skin and also helps to brighten the face. In today's life where pollution is high everybody wants to have a clear face. To detoxify your skin facial treatments are essentials. Facial treatments also help to reduce stress. So before Pre-wedding shoot, every couple should book an appointment of the parlor. An appointment should be taken a week before to get the good results. If someone who can't go to the parlor can do the home remedies, There are many videos regarding home remedies. Natural home remedies are safe as well as very effective. All the material required for home remedies is in the home itself so anyone can do that in their home in their free time. Home remedies are basically cheap too also they save time.


Book Makeup Artist MUA
Makeup artist plays a vital role in your shoot. It's very mandatory to book a makeup artist. Makeup artist helps to give charm and shine to your face. Make artists can also help you to choose the dress according to the texture of your face. While some girls prefer nude makeup some want to have classy makeup, It depends on the dress, color, etc. The makeup artist should be booked at least 10-15 days earlier. Other than makeup hairstyle also matters a lot. Some prefer long straight hairs while some like heavy curls.

Prepare your Poses
Couples who are planning for a pre-wedding shoot must have some ideas like what type of poses they want, what type of props they need. This should be discussed with the photographer earlier. Photographers will help you in instructing you the pose but definitely the couple should also have their innovative ideas in their mind too.

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Stay Hydrated
Before the pre-wedding shoot, couples must take proper rest and sleep because pre-wedding shoots are sometimes tiring so to look fresh and healthy couple must take proper diet and drink plenty of water. Couples should be free from all stress and work.
The couple should only concentrate on their shoot also the should pack all the essentials which they need a day before the shoot.

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Make sure before the shoot you must do the proper research of the place where you want to shoot as the location is a very important factor in the shoot. 

I hope all these tips will surely help you with the perfect Pre-Wedding Shoot.

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