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Pre Wedding Photography: 7 Simple Steps to the Perfect Shoot

Ever since the trend of Pre Wedding photoshoots came to arise, it has made to the checklist of almost all the couples of this generation. For some photographers, it can be easy to arrange and go along with the photoshoot, but for some, the idea is foreign and a little hard to adjust. 

But at the end of the day, it is about photographing a couple according to a particular theme and in the most creative way as possible. Now if you are wondering how a pre wedding photography can be done successfully then you can follow these 7 simples steps.


7 Steps for a Successful Pre Wedding Shoot

 1. The Meet Up
For a pre wedding photoshoot to be successful, the first thing for a photographer is to understand the needs of the client. There are possibilities that the client might be having unreal expectations. A photographer’s job is to tell them that and provide a realistic approach. This is why it is important for photographers to meet up with their clients.

Preparing for the Theme
Pre wedding photoshoots generally revolve around a particular theme. Mostly it’s the photographer’s job to prepare for the photoshoot. This is where contacts help. Having contacts in the industry can be really helpful when you are trying to book a venue or knowing where to get resources from.

3. Arriving early on the shoot
This one is for both the photographer and the client. You have to arrive at the location a little early. Some venues don’t allow you to visit before the booking time. In such cases, try to arrive just on time in order to get yourself familiar with the place.

Getting comfortable in front of the lens
For the couple, it can be a challenge to get over the fear of being in front of the camera. So it is a photographer’s job to make the couple feel comfortable. It is always better to talk while being nervous. The couple and photographer can keep interacting so that the fear of the camera diminishes away.

Knowing the shots
While the photographer already knows what kind of shots to take, it is also the responsibility of the couple to do a bit of research. To make a photoshoot successful, the couple must learn a few poses on their own or get familiar with them. This way, you can have better control over the shoot as a couple thus making it successful.

Keeping to the theme
It goes without a saying. Keeping to the theme is most crucial if a couple wants outstanding pictures. So, if it’s a beach photoshoot where you want to give out casual vibes, make sure that to cloth accordingly. If you wear formals at a beach photoshoot, it won’t look as authentic or real.

Creating an understanding
For a successful pre wedding photoshoot, the last most important part is to create an understanding. This makes sure that the pre wedding photographer knows what the client expects. It’s all about telling their story the right way. So, when a photoshoot ends, it is important to have a much deeper understanding that can lead to an even more successful wedding photoshoot. 

Now that you know the steps to a successful pre wedding photoshoot, you can go on and have your dream photoshoot. If you are looking for the best photographer then you can book your pre wedding shoot with Rajesh Digital. We have been in the wedding photography business for over 60 years. We, at Rajesh Digital, can ensure a memorable shoot and an album that you can cherish for a lifetime.