Cover for COVID-19: How to Plan a Grand Wedding with Limited Guests

COVID-19: How to Plan A Grand Wedding with Limited Guests

If COVID-19 has postponed your wedding plans then don’t worry, you’re not alone. The pandemic has caused global havoc and it is becoming increasingly important to take the right precautions to protect yourself and the ones around you. 

But the time has finally come when couples are actually considering planning their wedding since the lockdown restrictions are slowly lifting up. If you are also considering to tie the knot soon but with limited guests then you can do that by taking the right measures.
COVID-19: How to Plan A Grand Wedding with Limited Guests

So, here are some ways in which you can plan your grand wedding with limited guests. 

1.Deciding the venue

This should be your first concern when it comes to planning the wedding. Seeing the current scenario and the way COVID-19 is spreading, you are actually better off with an open-air venue than a closed one. Since 50 guests are allowed to attend a marriage, make sure that you get a venue that allows you to accommodate more than double of that. 

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You also need to create a guest list for people that you can actually invite. You have to be very specific and clear with the number of people that you want at your wedding. If the number allotted is 50, does not mean that you have to fill those last 5 positions if it’s coming out to be 45. You can create a shortlist of people involving your family and close friends to attend the wedding. 

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The next thing to do is to ensure the safety of those attending your wedding. Ask yourself these questions. Will there be a sanitizer at the venue? How will you track everyone who attends your wedding? What if one of your guests is COVID-19 positive? 

Keeping them in mind will make you extra cautious while making the arrangements. The rule is to take the right precautions to tackle the pandemic. Here’s what you can do. You can start off with a mandatory rule wearing a mask throughout the wedding. 

COVID 19 Grand Wedding

You can also provide your guests with face masks. Also, you can try to track your guests at the venue using various mobile tracking app. 

This can also help you avoid any situation that gathers large amounts of people in one place. Also, you can set up air sanitizers at the venue to be extra safe. There are tons of precautions you can take to ensure safety at all times. For example, you can prevent coronavirus outbreak by preventing a sick person from attending using a thermal scanner. 

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These were a few ways in which you can ensure the safety of yourself and your guests during the wedding. It is not just important for you to take the right precautions but also to the others involved like wedding planners, makeup artists, and especially wedding photographers. If you want a wedding photographer who can safely execute your wedding photoshoot then you can book your photoshoot with Rajesh Digital. Seeing the current situation of the world and in order to follow the norm of social distancing, we have adapted to the better ways of photographing couples on their special days.

Wedding in Lockdown with Limited Guests

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