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A lavish wedding of Piyush & Yashika


"The secret of a happy marriage is finding the right person. You know they're right if you love to be with them all the time." -Julia Child

Marriage is a heavenly union of two souls, two families and some of the time even two different societies. Two unique worlds with various stories, set of beliefs and ways of life meeting up to make another world out and out for themselves is the thing that a marriage is about. It isn't something that simply occurs in any case, something that you need to make each day with truthfulness, love, trust, regard and the craving to remain together and not surrender regardless. And of course, the mandatory movie nights and brunch dates. And that was exactly what happened in this beautifully blissful story between Yashika & Piyush.


Their love story

Yashika and Piyush were introduced to each other by mutual friends. Yashika was a lecturer at that time and Piyush is an Architect. They sat at a coffee shop and talk for almost four to five hours and they did not know how time went by. After talking for almost four to five hours, They were cleared that they could spend their entire life together. Yashika & Piyush are very comfortable with each other. They like each other at first glance. After that Piyush proposed Yashika but Yashika said that he would ask for her hand from her family. When Yashika shared her feelings with her parents, they said "what? ladka? love marriage? A big NO!" When i asked her ''How did you convince your parents?' She said "Nothing, i just asked them to meet him once! I said he is an Architect and he can design our living area and that ways you will get a chance to meet and know him. They met him and he was just able win their hearts in first go. Though my father took a little longer to get convinced." Yashika said 'yes' to Piyush after her parents gave her the green signal. And that's how they got together.

Pre-wedding shoot

The wedding celebration started with the pre-wedding photoshoot. Piyush wrote the script for the pre-wedding photoshoot and story was more like their own love story. The pre-wedding photoshoot was in Alwar, Rajasthan.

Joyous Haldi Day 

The celebrations started with the haldi function. The Bride wore a gorgeous yellow lehenga and paired it with jewellery. The groom was seen in a kurta pjayama. The Haldi ceremony was one effervescent and a small event that took place in the day. They looked super gorgeous on haldi ceremony.

The Bashful Wedding

Piyush did all the planning of the wedding. While for the wedding, everyone headed to the Samarna, Delhi. The decor was very beautiful. On the special day Lunch, and fun games were also arranged, making the D-day a super fun event! the decor was very elegant. The wedding was very grand, about 2500 people attended the wedding. Talking of the outfits, the bride wore a gorgeous lehenga by dolly J  and the groom wore a beautiful Sherwani, and her make up was done by meerasakhrani and accessories by Kedar Sons Jewellers, Delhi. When the bride entered the wedding hall, everyone including the groom's side also wept.

Handsome hunk


Let's welcome the baarati


The joota chupai war never becomes pass

Look how our groom was desperate to see the bride.
we can see the happines on her face
Now! he is tired, someone let him rest
An emotional goodbye for bride. Undoubtedly the hardest moment in any Indian girl's life. 
Yashika & Piyush's wedding video

We had a lot of fun to capture this beautiful couple. We wish the newly-weds a happy married life ahead! Team Rajesh Digital