Cover for Our most energetic bride whose bang entry will always be remembered

Our most energetic bride whose bang entry will always be remembered

Meet our wonderful couple Sylvia and Lohitaksh

"Couples who are different from each other are often attracted to each other"

Sylvia and Lohitaksh first met in the mutual office. They both used to work in the same office. After when Sylvia completed her graduation she started working as an intern where Lohitaksh was her reporting boss but now she is her boss lady. They were just good friends at that time. Sylvia was very new to office life since she just completed her college at that time. According to Sylvia Lohitaksh was a very typical boss like very rude and arrogant. She used to hate his boss and never wanted to work with him but as it always said that the opposite attracts each other, so as they. Soon after they started working together, Lohitaksh started understanding her and letting her work as per her. Slowly Lohitaksh realized that he had feelings for Sylvia. There was something special that clicked him towards Sylvia. Sylvia never dated a single guy in her entire life so she never had any feelings as well as she didn't know about Lohitaksh's feelings towards her. Gradually they started knowing each other more as they used to hang out after their office and started gossiping more. Finally, one-day Lohitaksh proposed Sylvia to which Sylvia was not sure about him. It took almost 6 months to say a 'yes' to him because she wasn't completely sure. However, after being into a relationship she never looked back. It was the very first relationship in Sylvia's life and She was happy with her decision as Lohitaksh always loved her and accepted the way she was. Lohitaksh got the girl that he dreamt of.

Family's reaction:-

Their families were very cool enough to accept their relation. Sylvia's family wasn’t aware of their relationship until Lohitakh's family pressurized for marriage since he was elder to Sylvia. Regarding marriage, his family wanted Sylvia to get married as soon as possible, however, Sylvia could not since her elder sister wasn’t married. It took almost 2 years to convince her dad to get her married before her sister. She thanked her father for being patient for these years as without his support their marriage wouldn’t happen. Sylvia also told that it wasn’t too much of a struggle if her elder sister was married. Sylvia's family liked Lohitaksh's family at once and the same with his family.

Engagement Ceremony

Sylvia and Lohitaksh exchanged the rings at Delite Grand. She wore the elegant attire by Kamal Bhai whereas Lohitaksh wore a tuxedo. Sylvia's makeup was done by the artist Jagyasa Beauty. Whether a junior member or a senior member everyone added colors of joy and fun to the ceremony by their dance performances. The whole event was more than the musical night. Everybody enjoyed special moments together. 

Haldi Ceremony

Sylvia and Lohitakh's Haldi ceremony was at their respective houses.  All the family members applied turmeric paste to the bride and groom turn by turn. All the members showered their blessings to the bride and groom for their happy and healthy married life.

Mehendi Ceremony

Mehendi ceremony of the couple was at Aravali Golf Club. Sylvia's look of the day mesmerized everyone. Her makeup was done by the makeup artist Jigyasa Bhatia. Their ceremony was full of unlimited fun. Our energetic bride danced on hit numbers. All of the relatives & friends had a rocking and fun time together which will always be cherished.

Wedding Ceremony

Their wedding was held at Mithas Forever. The decoration was glamorous. Talking about the outfits the bride wore a magnificent Red shade lehenga by Sudhir Bhai whereas our groom Lohitaksh looked dapper in Sherwani. Sylvia's makeup was done by the makeup artist Sahil Malhotra. Both of them looked magnificent on their wedding. One of the best at their wedding was Sylvia's Entry which literally amazed everyone Since generally bride entry is very calm, quiet & soft with a lot of emotions. However, Sylvia's entry was Bindas and full-on bang. She danced on the song "Balla-Balla" which was nowhere relevant on the wedding day but our lovely bride wanted to dance and did it very perfectly. No doubt Sylvia's entry will always be memorable all over. At last, everyone gave their best wishes and wished them good luck for their upcoming life.


Sylvia's and Lohitakh's wedding teaser

We had a lot of fun to capture this beautiful couple. May your love grow stronger every passing year. We wish Sylvia and Lohitaksh a Happy Married life ahead. - Team Rajesh Digital