Cover for 'Not liking' to Falling in love - Arranged Wedding Saga

'Not liking' to Falling in love - Arranged Wedding Saga

Meet our lovely couple Jahnavi & Aditya

What we feel like is a complete fate that brought Jahnavi and Aditya together.  Well sit down, Grab something because this is going to be interesting. So basically it all started when Jahnavi met Rishika in Ram Lal Anand College back in 2015 and became really good friends. Rishika used to handle fests where she approached Jahnavi to host for her for the very first time.. 3 years later when they met at their alumni, Rishika asked her to do anchoring for her and she agreed to it. Later while they were talking, Jahnavi told Rishika that her family has been looking for a guy for her marriage, Just then Rishika suggested her to see her cousin's profile since they both belong to a Punjabi family and there's no harm in opening up options so she showed Aditya, Rishika's cousin's pictures but obviously, she couldn't judge him through pictures and kind of rejected the idea of getting to know him. When Rishika proposed the same idea to Aditya, He kind of let go of the idea too by saying that Jahnavi might not like him due to an age gap between them, and the discussion ended about the same.

Sometime later it was Rishika's cousin's wedding and Jahnavi was called to handle the choreography and entertainment part. While working she suddenly saw Aditya and realized it was Aditya's real sister's (Niharika) wedding when she got introduced to him, The conversation between them got a little awkward for obvious reasons and they weren't really talking to each other. During the wedding, Aditya's maternal grandfather met Jahnavi and really liked her and suggested Aditya's father talk to her about Aditya but everyone took it jokingly. Aditya was going out with other proposals and rejecting them one by one. Suddenly Rishika said - I gave you the best girl that is perfect for you. At least meet her once. Rishika's mom got to know about it and she initiated the conversation with Jahnavi to which she replied that the elders can talk to each other about it. Things went well and both the families matched the Kundlis and everything with the astrologer. Things went smooth and this is how they were ready to tie the knot! Complete fate right?

The couple had an amazing time during their pre-wedding shoot. Have a look

Jahnavi & Aditya exchanged the rings at Sultanat and looked completely adorable. It was an amazing highlight to see Jahnavi surprising Aditya on her knees and dedicating him a live sand painting. The couple later also performed a shadow dance at their engagement which mesmerized everybody.

Here's a sneak peek into Jahnavi's Mehendi Ceremony

The couple later tied the knot at Bellamonde Chattarpur. Their wedding witnessed with a huge gathering. Jahnavi killing us with her look in her outfit by Shehzadi while Aditya looked absolutely dapper in the outfit by Manyavar. In short, their wedding was overloaded with blessings, love & fun.



We had a lot of fun capturing this beautiful couple. May your love grow stronger with each passing year. We wish Jahnavi & Aditya a very Happy Married life ahead! - Team RAJESH DIGITAL.