Cover for Nitish found Qismat in his first official meeting

Nitish found Qismat in his first official meeting

Meet our lovely Nitish and Qismat #NitishkiQismat

Qismat and Nitish had a love marriage. Who knew that the office where we work, we will get our love one day from that office. So Nitish and Qismat met at the common workplace. But somehow they never talked but all of a sudden when they had to discuss some work so they communicated with each other and they clicked instantly in their first meeting itself. There was something special that clicked both of them felt that cannot be expressed in words. Just as people say that they got love at first sight, in the same way, we can say that they got their love at the first meeting. After that, they started dating from 2015-2020 in those five years both of them got to knew and understand each other very well which is very important in a relationship. When they became absolutely sure to be life partners, then they took the right step to get married. After deciding to take this step they both discussed this with their parents.

Parent's reaction:-

Actually Qismat's mom had met Nitish once and She was very impressed and happy with him due to his kind, responsible and respectful qualities. She had no problem in their idea of getting married but Just like every father who cares for his daughter since her birth, so is the father of Qismat. As he was very caring and protective he was a little worried about the fact that her daughter will get married and leave her home one day. So Qismat decided to arrange a meeting for Nitish and his parents with his father so that they also got to know each other. After meeting them Qismat's father's view changed. He really liked Nitish and his family. Nitish parents had already met Qismat before and they knew that Nitish and Qismat were dating so they did not have any problem. At last, everything got sorted and both families accepted the decision of their children.

Engagement Ceremony

Qismat and Nitish exchanged the rings at Nandi Greens. Qismat wore the beautiful Gown whereas the groom wore formals. Their pair looked like Made for each other. The best thing about the entire ceremony was the couple dance. They danced so well although they were a bit shy somehow they got comfortable later. Other members also rocked the floor by their dancing moves. Indeed, their ceremony was full of music and dancing night.

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Cocktail and Mehendi Ceremony

Nitish's cocktail and Mehendi Ceremony was at Nandi Greens. He looked dapper in the kurta pants. All the women of the family applied Mehendi on their hands and danced out fiercely on the drum beats. After the celebration, they celebrated 'Lohri' with full enthusiasm as people danced with the mixed tune of songs.

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Haldi Ceremony

Qismat and Nitish's Haldi Ceremony were at their respective homes. Everyone applied Haldi to groom and gave him best wishes for the upcoming life. Their Haldi ceremony was a symbol of peace and prosperity in their married life.

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Wedding Ceremony

The venue for the wedding was Nandi Greens. Qismat wore the Amazing lehenga by popular brand Kalki Fashion along with the jewellery by Rama Krishna Jewellers whereas Nitish wore the Sherwani by Janak. Their wedding witnessed a huge gathering with more than 500 guests. The most special thing in their marriage was a Spell-bound Qawwali evening which was performed by the famous 'Nizami Bandhu'. The Sufi Evening increased the glory of their marriage. Indeed their wedding was fun-filled with happiness and joy and lots of blessings.

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Wedding teaser of Qismat and Nitish

We had the most amazing time capturing this wonderful couple Nitish and Qismat. May your love become more grounded each and every passing year. We wish the newly-weds a Happy Married life ahead!- Team Rajesh Digital