Cover for Nikit and Srishti's Destiny sealed their bond forever

Nikit and Srishti's Destiny sealed their bond forever

Meet our Wonderful Couple Nikit and Srishti

Nikit and Srishti's marriage was fixed by their parents. It is always said that what is written in your Destiny is what you get, exactly happened with Nikit and Srishti. Their souls were meant to be together no matter what. Nikit and Srishti were in the same college but they never met and never talked to each other during their college days. Srishti didn’t know but Nikit knew her since college. Nikit also confessed to her that he used to admire her in their college days. This is how their first conversation started through Social Media. After chatting and discussing everything when they were somewhat sure about each other they told their families and then their parents arranged a meeting for them. Everything was like what it is in an arranged marriage like families discussion, meeting etc. Nikit liked her to take on things which mattered most to both of them like families. They were amazed as their eating habits were almost the same. Srishti said that the comfort level they shared with each other was extraordinary. According to Srishti, Nikit is very mature, very understanding and he knew how to handle things very well and in a calm way. They both never knew when they become close to each other. They both didn't realise that they could be so comfortable in just a span of a few days.

Engagement Ceremony

The venue of their engagement ceremony was Radisson blu Gurgaon. Srishti wore the gown designed by Neha Modi, on the other hand, Nikit wore the attire by KC Creation. Both of them looked graceful. Srishti's makeup was done by the makeup artist Kopal which was liked by everyone. Their ceremony was filled with fun and enjoyment and happiness.

Mehendi and Ladies Sangeet

Srishti's Mehendi and ladies sangeet function was at her home. Srishti's look of the day mesmerized everyone. Srishti's elegant dress was designed by Ankita. Her makeup was done by the makeup artist Lakme Salon. One of the most entertaining functions is the sangeet night. Srishti's ceremony indeed was full of unlimited fun. The female members of her family congregate together, sang and danced on different songs. All of her relatives and friends had a rocking and fun time together which will always be remembered.

Wedding Ceremony

Nikit and Srishti's wedding was at Jannat Valley. The decoration was glamorous. Talking about the outfits the bride wore a magnificent Red shade lehenga by Sudhir Bhai along with the elegant jewellery by Suhana art and jewels. Srishti's makeup was done by the makeup artist Kopal. On the other side, the groom wore sherwani by Manyavar. Both of them looked magnificent on their wedding. Everybody blessed the couple with lots of happiness and good luck for their upcoming life.

May your love expand long-lasting every passing year. We wish Nikit and Srishti All the best & a Happy Married life ahead! - Team Rajesh Digital