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Nidhi & Vivek's Saga Of Love

They say if there is true love then no one in the world can separate them and this is also true.  Vivek and Nidhi met for the first time at their college freshers party. They had an ordinary and basic discussion between them. After that their ways never crossed in college but there was something in that primary discussion of the two that made Vivek consider Nidhi, considerably even after one year. One day one of the Vivek's friend told that "he is in contact with Nidhi and she is placed in some advertising office." By hearing this Vivek imagined that he should converse with Nidhi as them two were in a similar field. So, the two of them exchanged numbers and after that, they began interfacing once more. After that, Nidhi left her previous job and went to Chennai to seek after some vocation course. After now their discussion went to a long telephonic discussion. Now the two of them began conversing a lot, they began advising even a solitary detail to one another. As Nidhi moved to Chennai, the connection between the two had now changed into a significant distance relationship. In the connection between the two, there was a fight too alongside with love and that is the beauty of relationship.

Now, it's time to convince parents. After one year Nidhi moved to Delhi & she decided to reveal her relation to her mother. Unfortunately due to some reasons like Kundli match, caste, complexions, etc Nidhi's family did not like her relationship and also were against it. It didn't turn out true to form so with the expectation of improving things the couple chose to give it another attempt. This time Nidhi suggested that Vivek must talk to Nidhi's mother personally overcall when she is not Delhi. Vivek mustered courage for this and spoke to Nidhi's mother over the phone. Her mother did not like how a boy could demand her daughter's hand in marriage on the phone. So Vivek's first impression was not liked by Nidhi's mother and in fact to her sister too. Hence, we can say his first attempt to convince Nidhi's family was completely ended with disasters and it took him months to reverse it. Now Vivek felt that he would have to prove to Nidhi's family that he is a hardworking man, so, first of all, he thought that he will assure her family of Nidhi's golden and secure future. He did everything in his power to guarantee Nidhi a safe & sound future like buying a home, insurance, etc. One day Vivek got a call from Nidhi's mother and she demanded to meet him at her residence. Vivek was all set to go to Nidhi's house. When he went to Nidhi's place he was shocked to see 15 family members waiting for him. He was a bit nervous but kept his nervousness under control and addressed every one of their inquiries. At the end of the day, they questioned Vivek and cleared all the doubts. Even though they liked Vivek but they wanted to be 100% sure before their daughter committed a lifetime to Vivek. After a two-hour-long call discussion, they were agreed that he was 'the correct one' for Nidhi. At last Nidhi's sister convinced her mother for Vivek and Nidhi's marriage. Aren’t the sister's the best?

After winning with her side of the family it was now Nidhi's turn. Vivek's family knew their love life but Vivek never ceremoniously acquainted Nidhi with his family. So, when they came to Delhi Nidhi met his family, and they warmly welcomed her to the family and she effortlessly made a special place in their hearts. In the end, both the families fixed the wedding date and all went well.

Pre-Wedding Shoot

Nidhi and Vivek's wedding celebrations started with a pre-wedding shoot. Their shoot was done in Delhi. Both of them were looking stunning in their outfits. We can say that Their pre-wedding shoot was worth capturing.

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pre wedding shoot

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Engagement Ceremony

The engagement of Vivek and Nidhi was exactly like their story. The engagement time was at 1 pm but Nidhi was in the parlor till 1 pm as she could not get ready. To avoid her embarrassment, Vivek did strange movements to divert the attention of the guests and then did not get ready just to save Nidhi, so that he could arrive late but then later he found out that Nidhi had reached already and she was waiting for him. At last Nidhi's jiju disclosed the real reason behind the delay to the guests and everybody laughed. Our Bride Nidhi wore the Banarsi style lehenga in which she looked gorgeous and the other side groom looked dapper in his outfit. Everyone enjoyed the ceremony and had a great time together.

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Sangeet Ceremony

Nidhi and Vivek's Sangeet Ceremony held at different places. Nidhi wore a shiny purple color attire in which she looked none other less than the Princess. Trendy decorations, disco lights, and excellent music enhanced the beauty of their Sangeet Ceremony.  We can definitely say that their Sangeet Ceremony involved a lot of singing and dancing where the families of both the bride and the groom joined hands and made the evening more interesting.

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Haldi Ceremony

The Haldi ceremony of the couple was also at different places. Nidhi's Haldi ceremony was very colorful. Nidhi's Haldi Ceremony was one the most special and unique because it seemed as everybody is playing and celebrating the ceremony with different colors. Nidhi's Family made the ceremony just like the celebration of Holi and love. At last, all the family members applied turmeric to the bride and gave her a lot of blessings.

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haldi photography

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Mehendi Ceremony

Their Mehendi ceremony was a fun-filled, nostalgic sit-down for the bride and groom, their cousins, siblings, friends, aunts, and others. Their Mehendi day was filled with fun, laughter, songs, dances, and games. Every women applied Mehendi to their hands and enjoyed the ceremony

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Wedding Ceremony

Nidhi and Vivek's marriage was at Radisson Blu. Nidhi wore a gorgeous golden & off white lehenga designed by Naina Kapoor that was as beautiful as the bride-to-be. To enhance the beauty of her already flawless outfit, our bride paired her lehenga with customized footwear from 'Quirky Nari'. Even the groom settled for an elegant subtle grey 'Sherwani' by Shan- E-War. Both of them looked magnificent on their wedding. Nidhi's makeup was done by the makeup artist Aashmeen Munjal. With the insignificant nearness of their close and darlings under a solitary rooftop showering their favors upon the couple, the radiant union of Vivek and Nidhi was produced with perfection.

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After more than enough choices between them, they finally agreed to assign 'Rajesh Digital' one of the best Photographers and trusted them to capture their wedding. We had the most amazing time capturing this wonderful couple Nidhi and Vivek. May your love become more grounded each and every passing year. We wish them a Happy Married life ahead!- Team Rajesh Digital