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Pre Wedding Photographer in Kathmandu

At such a beautiful place, you can find a Pre Wedding Photographer in Kathmandu at every turn. So the next thing to do is find the best Pre Wedding Photographer in Kathmandu. A couple traveling all the way to Nepal for their Pre Wedding Photoshoot shouldn’t settle for anything less. There is going to be a huge difference in the work of a Generic and the Best Pre Wedding Photographer in Kathmandu. Before hiring any photographer you should check out the photographer’s portfolio and the prices that they charge. Finding a photographer for your pre wedding photoshoot is hard work. But a couple who came to another country for their pre wedding photoshoot might not have that much time to choose a pre Wedding Photographer in Kathmandu. So with that, we at Rajesh Digital can provide you with the best Pre Wedding Photographer.

What is a Pre Wedding Photoshoot?

A pre wedding shoot or an engagement shoot usually happens months before the wedding celebrations. This shoot is a perfect way to seal some romantic moments between you and your family. These shoots are really flexible and experimented with. There are no hard and fast rules when we talk about pre wedding shoots. Here, the sky is the limit. Any experiment you do makes your pre wedding more unique and personalized. Basically, it is all about showcasing real and crazy personality with your partner through photos and videos. Some people think that this shoot is done under peer pressure. Also, some people think it is important that you go overboard and do things that don't suit your personality. If this is the case it becomes a fake memory and you have to spend more money. But nowadays, the couples have finally got the meaning of the real pre wedding shoot. They know that it is not important that they travel to an exotic location and wear fancy clothes for their pre wedding. It can be shot at a library with the books as well. Nobody should decide the location and the theme of the pre wedding instead of the couple. The wedding photographer can be a great help as he/she can suggest great themes.

Why are Pre Wedding Photoshoots important?

Pre Wedding Photoshoot is an amazing way to showcase your love. Couples love getting their pictures taken. And this is just that. And it’s also not just any photoshoot. As these photoshoots take place 3-4 months before the actual wedding, they play some really important roles. As these photos are taken before the wedding, the best photos can be selected and edited to show everyone at the wedding. And this is not the only practical reason to have a pre wedding photoshoot. The shoots also play an important role in the development of the chemistry of the couple. Not each and every couple are comfortable with each other from the very beginning. In cases like these, pre wedding photoshoots help a lot. Through these shoots, the couple gets comfortable and also develop chemistry. And its not just about the chemistry. Couples hire the same photographers for the wedding and pre wedding shoots. How this helps is, at the time of pre wedding shoot, apart from being comfortable with each other, the coupe also gets comfortable with the photographer. And this is very helpful in the following shoot at the wedding. People also go for pre wedding photoshoots because they want to understand the style of the photographer. And when they get to know the photographer's style its easier for the couple to tell the photographer about what they are looking for in a wedding photoshoot.

Which is a good place for Pre Wedding Photoshoot?

Pre Wedding Photoshoots are all about beauty. Couples search for locations where there are amazing snow mountains. And one of the places comes to mind by that is Kathmandu, Nepal.

Why should you have your Pre Wedding Photoshoot at Kathmandu?

Apart from having beautiful snow mountains, Kathmandu has many more reasons that make it one of the best locations for a Pre Wedding Photoshoot. People now don't want simple Pre Wedding Photoshoots at parks and cafes. People due to the rising trends in wedding photography want way more now. People are more and more going for Destination Pre Wedding Photoshoots. And what can be better than a pre wedding photoshoot in another country? People who don't want to go very far for their shoot go to Kathmandu. Kathmandu is in Nepal, and due to the good relations between India and Nepal, for us, Indians Nepal’s border is friendly border. Which means that a couple doesn't even require a visa to have their Pre Wedding Photoshoot in Kathmandu. For this, the couple also wants a photographer. And not just any photographer, but the Best Pre Wedding Photographer in Kathmandu.

Why Choose Rajesh Digital for the Best Pre Wedding Photographer in Kathmandu?

We at Rajesh Digital have a vast experience. We have been in the industry for more than 60 years now. So we understand our client’s needs. We have an in house team of one of the best Photographers and Cinematographers. Weddings are an important part of a Couple’s life, and we get that. We have covered thousands of weddings. We know how to capture emotion with our cameras.

So if you are a couple who is searching for a Pre Wedding Photographer in Kathmandu, be sure to contact us.

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