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Best Wedding Photographer in Kathmandu | Rajesh Digital

Best Wedding Photographer in Kathmandu  

Who are Wedding Photographers?

A Photographer who only deals with weddings is a Wedding Photographer. There is a huge difference between General Photographers and Wedding Photographers. General Photographers are jake of all trades and masters of none. On the other hand, Wedding Photographers are Masters of Wedding Photography. They only cover weddings so they have a lot of ideas on how to cover weddings. General Photographers can never give you results as good as a dedicated Wedding Photographer.

These photographers know how to shoot a wedding. Through their experience, they know when they should be ready with the camera. A general might miss out on some of the priceless moments that weddings are full of, but a wedding photographer won't. Wedding photographers are also up to date with all the wedding photography trends that are going on. And most popular of these trends are Wedding Photography, Wedding Shoots, and Destination Wedding Photography. Most people try to make their wedding day memorable by planning a destination wedding. In these weddings, the couple goes far away from their hometown to get married. They do this to get away from all the hustle-bustle. These weddings are very intimate. Only close friends and family are invited to these weddings. But couples find it hard to decide where they should plan the wedding. And people want their wedding to take place outside India but they usually don't opt for that option as it is an expensive one. But in this case, where the couple wants to have a wedding outside India and also don't want to spend a lot of money, Kathmandu is a viable option.

Why Kathmandu in Nepal is a Good Destination Wedding Spot?

What usually people look for in a place where they are about to get married is beauty and Kathmandu checks all the boxes under “Beauty”. Kathmandu has some of India's biggest snow mountains. Which makes it an elegant place. And another thing going for Kathmandu is that you don't even need a visa to go there. And the best part of getting married at Kathmandu is having the Himalayas near you. And it won't cost you a fortune to plan a destination wedding in Kathmandu. People come to Kathmandu to get married all the time.

And when couples plan a wedding in Kathmandu, they also have to find wedding photographers in Kathmandu. And this is an important step every couple that's getting married go through. Because the wedding is an important part of a person’s life. And to keep those memories with us forever you need to look at wedding photographers in Kathmandu. A wedding album has a huge significance in our lives because it is the only living proof of a couple’s wedding other than the couple’s undying love. And as the wedding album holds such great significance, you need to search among the best wedding photographers in Kathmandu (Nepal) to shoot your wedding. And the logic is simple, the better the photographer the better your wedding album. But for this, the couple has to look for wedding photographers in Kathmandu. And with thousands of photographers online, choosing one of those for your wedding is a tough task.

How can you choose the Top wedding photographer in Kathmandu, Nepal?

In a place like Kathmandu, you can find hundreds of wedding photographers in Kathmandu. But your job is to select the best. And as it sounds like it is a lot of work. And a couple who is planning a wedding has very little time for choosing the best among hundreds of wedding photographers in Kathmandu. But we at Rajesh Digital understand this and would be more than happy to help you.

Why we at Rajesh Digital are among the Best wedding photographers in Kathmandu, Nepal?

We at Rajesh Digital have been in the industry for more than 60 years now. And in these 60+ years, we have shot thousands of weddings. We don't just consider ourselves as photographers and cinematographers, we also see us as artists. We give our heart and soul to bring life into the pictures that we click. We live to meet our client’s expectations. After shooting more than a thousand weddings we know how to plan and execute a wedding photoshoot and create magical memories of your D-Day. We have an in-house team of 75 passionate photographers, videographers and cinematographers. We use the latest equipment, high-resolution cameras, and the best lighting equipment in the industry so that we can outdo ourselves every time. We also provide the best services. We edit the photos and videos of your weddings to give it a little touch of perfection. And we work the hardest for your wedding albums because it is the thing you are gonna keep close to your heart forever. So if you are a couple who is looking for wedding photographers in Kathmandu, Nepal, give no second thought and contact us.

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