Cover for Pre wedding photographer in Kathmandu




We are the team of Rajesh Digital lately shoot a pre-wedding photoshoot in beautiful locations of nepal. Destination pre-wedding is in trends, these days couple don't want a simple pre-wedding photoshoot. They want destination pre-wedding photoshoot. Pre-wedding photoshoot is an amazing way to showcase your love. People who don't want to go far or those who have budget issue then they can choose kathmandu, nepal for their destination pre-wedding photoshoot. Nepal is known for the historical architecture and mountains. It is easy to go nepal because india has good political relation with nepal, indian and nepal border is friendly. That's mean couple dosen't even need visa for their pre-wedding photoshoot in kathmandu, nepal. Kathmandu has beautiful backdrops for a pre-wedding photoshoot. Kathmandu has historic city, world heritage site, spiritual place and mountains.  In nepal their is several places for  pre-wedding photoshoot like Markhu, chitwan etc. Look at the below some amazing pictures of pre-wedding photoshoot in nepal.

                                                                                   MOUNTAINS OF NEPAL

For pre-wedding photoshoot mountains is best. It gives you beautiful backdrop, look at this picture it remind us kajol and shahrukh from DILWALE right?


                                                                   PERFECT SHOT ON  BOAT   



Wow! that's all i can say. Couple is standing on the boat and mountain in the background and sun goes up what else you wamnt in one shot?


                                                                  SASSY IN SAREE


           Beautiful shot in chandigiri hills, kathmandu, nepal. Immerse your self in serenity of chandigiri hills.


                                                      PRE-WEDDING PHOTOSHOOT UNDER THE CLOUD


    Another chandragiri hills picture with different backdrops. Romantic Pre-wedding photoshoot under the cloud.


                                                                        AMAZING BACKDROP OF HILL


                                                                                   BEAUTY OF NATURE

                                      For nature lovers nepal is best place for pre-wedding photoshoot.


                                                                                     THAT'S CALL PERFECTION 


                                                                              COLOURFUL KATHMANDU


                                                                                        COUPLE GOAL


                                                                              HISTORIC ARCHITECTURE


                                                              NEHA AND NEERAJ'S PRE-WEDDING NEPAL