Cover for Naveen and Nikita || A Big Fat Sikh Wedding in Bangkok

Naveen and Nikita || A Big Fat Sikh Wedding in Bangkok

As wedding photographers, we at Rajesh Digital shoot a lot of Weddings, and we see some exceptional weddings. And Naveen and Nikita’s wedding was one of those.

With all the wedding trends going on Naveen and Nikita wanted to go after the big fish. The couple was planning a destination wedding in Bangkok.

The couple came to us in search of the Best Destination Wedding Photographer. And assured them that they have come to the right people. And when it came to choosing a venue for the wedding the couple didn't compromise and went for Millennium Hilton, Bangkok.

It was an elegant hotel. Due to which we got a chance to shoot some lovely pictures of the couple alongside the pool.

It was a Sikh wedding, and even after being in Bangkok the wedding happened with all the ceremonies and rituals.

And we all know that its a Sikh wedding when we see the couple cutting their seven-story cake with a kirpan.

The couple looked magnificent in their blue outfits at the reception.

Family and friends had also prepared special dance performances for the bride and groom.

It was an exquisite wedding, its each and every moment was delightful.

And we at Rajesh Digital wish Naveen and Nikita that may their joining together bring them more joy than they can imagine.

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