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Music & Love: A Magical Connection Of Romance

Meet our lovely couple Abhishek & Shrestha

"Destiny decides who you meet in life but it's only your heart that can decide who gets to stay in your life"

Abhishek & Shrestha were destined to being together. They met each other in 2014 in their college days. They were in the same class. As Shrestha was out of vacation so she missed some of the initial classes of the college. Shreshta recalled the first day she entered the classroom she sat alone as she did not know anyone. Abhishek was not present in that lecture but he came late and sat next to her. Soon after, he asked for some water to which she gave her water to him. After that Abhishek asked her what's the time she told him the time but again after some time, he asked the same thing. At that time she thought Abhishek had a phone and still, he asked her for the time she felt weird and somehow found him cute too. Shrestha told that this was such a cute memory of their first conversation. After the lecture, she took his number and told him to share the notes. That time Abhishek did not ask for her name to save on his phone. So he saved her number as 'IP NEW'.In fact, the name which he saved on his phone was there till the day they got married. Slowly they became good friends and had a common friend circle in the college. They used to hang out and study together. What made their bond stronger was their common love for music. They used to share and listen to songs together. After a full day of work, they used to talk at night and have the music nights. They didn't realize when they got used to each other and fell in love. There was something special that clicked both of them towards each other. One thing which was sure in their minds was that they wanted to get married. With every passing day, their love for each other grew stronger. Then they decided to take it to a new level and told their families, though they were very scared because they didn't want to lose each other. But maybe they were destined to being together. So both of their families happily agreed. Despite being from two different worlds, they fell in love. And even today, after they are married, they still listen to their favorite songs at night.

Pre-Wedding Shoot

Their wedding celebration started with a pre-wedding shoot. Their pre-wedding location was held at Picture Destination. Both of them looked completely adorable & dazzling at their pre-wedding shoot. Their shoot was as perfect as the couple.

Engagement Ceremony

Abhishek & Shrestha exchanged the rings at Grand Dreams. Shrestha wore the gorgeous dress by Neeru and her makeup was done by the makeup artist Pratistha Arora. Abhishek also looked dashing in his attire. Shrestha wore the jewellery by Mehrasons jewellers. The most special thing in their engagement was the romantic couple dance which enthralled the crowd very much.

Mehendi Ceremony

Mehendi ceremony of the couple was at their respective homes. Shrestha wore the outfit designed by Maanvi Kapoor. Her Mehendi artist was Raju Mehendi. Our bride Shrestha completed her look with pink floral jewellery. The women got wonderful Mehendi designs drawn on their hands.

Sangeet Ceremony

The venue of the ceremony was India Habitat Centre. Shrestha's attire was designed by Ruchi. Just like every Indian Functionthey had a lot of fun. The ceremony was loaded up with energizing dance performances. Each and every family member including cousins and friends dance their hearts out at the sangeet ceremony

Haldi Ceremony

Abhishek and Shrestha's Haldi ceremony were at their respective homes. Shrestha wore the yellow shade dress by Manvi Kapoor. Everyone applied Haldi to the groom and bride and gave them the best wishes for their upcoming life. Their Haldi ceremony was a symbol of peace and prosperity in their married life.

Wedding Ceremony

The venue for their wedding was Mallu Farms. The decoration was beautiful and glamorous. Talking about the outfits the bride wore a magnificent Red-color lehenga designed by Falguni. Shrestha's makeup was done by the makeup artist Pratistha Arora. She looked like a Doll on her D-day. On the other side, the groom wore an off white color sherwani. Shrestha did the entry under the Phoolon ki Chadar accompanied by her parents and other members. Abhishek & Shrestha's wedding ceremony was a blend of emotive traditions and hearty emotions. Everybody gave them good Wishes for their upcoming life.

We had the most amazing time capturing this wonderful couple Abhishek & Shrestha May your love become more grounded each and every passing year. We wish the newly-weds a Happy Married life ahead!- Team Rajesh Digital