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Mohit and Deepakshi's Office Love Story

Meet our amazing couple Deepakshi & Mohit

So Mohit and Deepakshi both were pursuing CA and started their internships at the same place. Mohit was the first person she saw that day. As colleagues, she casually asked him where to take printouts from and he helped her. Things were professional by then but later they had to go out for audits so they used to go together. Deepakshi didn't realize when Mohit got attached to her as they were talking a lot. The conversations went on even when there were fights. Anyhow sometime later in 2015, they started going out for movies, pizza, or just meet for classes. They changed their ways and habits for each other, Mohit went from desi to Videsi food and Deepakshi went from South Indian to North Indian food. The couple really admired each other. She always had that thought going on in the back of her head that she can only have arranged marriages or to some guy who's a Baniya too but Mohit was a Punjabi. But who stops love from blossoming? On 4th Nov 2015, she said Yes to Mohit but there were more hurdles on the way. Deepakshi cleared her CA but Mohit took some time. By that time Deepakshi's family started looking for guys for her. She couldn't tell about Mohit as his education was still ongoing and she wasn't settled enough so she kept motivating Mohit. He finally cleared his CA exams and Deepakshi told about him to her family. They rejected saying that he's a Punjabi but later when they met him, They all really liked Mohit while Mohit's family was okay with it since the beginning. They then decided to get married and started shopping in lockdown. Everything went amazingly well. According to us we really think they're a perfect match as they complete each other. Mohit thinks Deepakshi has made him a better person while Deepakshi looked up to him for everything. Mohit isn't just her husband but her best friend too. Deepakshi loves how Mohit has immense respect for everybody's opinions and thoughts and thinks she wouldn't have found a better match than him.

Engagement Ceremony

Deepakshi & Mohit exchanged the rings at Invitee. The hall was beautifully decorated with floral decorations. Deepakshi wore the gorgeous light shade lehenga whereas Mohit looked dapper in a tuxedo. Our duo looked adorable together. Deepakshi's subtle makeup was done by the artist Riya. Our couple did a romantic dance which was one of the best parts of the entire ceremony Indeed their Engagement was filled with lots of fun, dhamaal, and happiness



Wedding Ceremony

The most important day in everybody's life is Wedding Day. Their wedding was at the Rudraksh Banquet. Our bride looked elegant in a red lehenga along with the elegant jewellery by Khanna Jewellers which the groom matched handsomely with Sherwani. Deepakshi's makeup was done by Riya Dhamija. Our duo looked magnificent at their wedding. Everyone gave blessings and good wishes to the newlywed. The moments of their marriage will always be memorable.


We had the most amazing time capturing this wonderful couple Deepakshi & Mohit. May your love become more grounded each and every passing year. We wish the newly-weds a Happy Married life ahead!- Team Rajesh Digital

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