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Meet this couple who had fun packed wedding at home

Meet our lovely couple Enna & Sunny

Enna and Sunny used to work in the same office. They worked for four years together. They were good friends but not in a relationship initially at that time. Just when Enna switched her job she realized that there was something that clicked her towards him. She felt a connection with him. In the starting itself, Sunny was full ready to get married to Enna but she was not ready for the responsibilities, and also she was scared of the concept of marriage. Sunny went to Paris due to official purpose so Enna realized it's high time she should say yes to him. When sunny came back, Enna organized a special surprise for him in which she bought gifts, cards, etc, and proposed to him at the Airport. After that Enna and Sunny went to Singapore to spend a holiday at Cruise that's when sunny officially proposed to her to which she said 'YES'. They didn't realize when they got used to each other and fell in love. After that, they decided to tell their parents about their relation to which their parents were cool enough to accept their relationship and were happy with their decision. 

Our bride Enna loves travelling, she wants to travel the whole world so Sunny gifted her a very special ring in the shape of an airplane. This proved how much he loves and cares for her. 

If we talk about their wedding so our couple decided to get married at the home. As they wanted to enjoy each and every function to the fullest with all of the cousins and families and they actually did that. From Mehendi to Haldi in each and every event they had fun. Their wedding had the complete package of fun, happiness, blessings, and lots of dhamaal. Everybody came a few days before the wedding and they rocked together with their dance moves and twists. One of the most unique things about their wedding was the groom's entry as the groom did the entry on "vintage car'' which was very surprising for everybody.

Our gorgeous bride wore the light shade lehenga by Asiana Couture whereas the groom looked dapper in Sherwani by Manayavar. Enna's makeup was done by the artist Pooja Khurana. Enna & Sunny's wedding ceremony was a blend of emotive traditions and hearty emotions. Everybody gave them good Wishes for their upcoming life.

We had the most amazing time capturing this wonderful couple Enna and Sunny. May your love become more grounded each and every passing year. We wish the newly-weds a Happy Married life ahead!Team Rajesh Digital