Cover for Mayank and Shreya || The Coolest Pre Wedding Photoshoot

Mayank and Shreya || The Coolest Pre Wedding Photoshoot

The Rajesh Digital team have shot a lot of couples for their Weddings and Pre Wedding Shoots. But its hardly the case that we come across an extraordinary couple like Mayank and Shreya. Unlike most couples, Mayank and Shreya were very comfortable with us, which in turn made our work as photographers easy. The couple was not confused at all, in fact, they were very specific that they wanted a Candid Pre Wedding Photoshoot. In shoots like these we the photographers give a task or an activity to the couple to do so that while they are engaged with the activity, we can take some natural and organic pictures of them. These techniques help the people a lot who are camera conscious.

Mayank and Shreya also wanted us to include some of their common interests in the shoot that the couple had like Camping, Listening to Music and surely Bikes.

As Mayank was a buff gym-going dude, he definitely wanted some shirtless pictures of him in the shoot so he can later show them off on Instagram.

We at Rajesh Digital love shooting for couples like Mayank and Shreya. May the love they share today, grow as they grow old together.

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