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Marvelous wedding of Varun and Tanya

Meet our Lovely Couple Varun and Tanya

" A great marriage isn’t something that just happens; it’s something that must be created." -- Fawn Weaver

Varun and Tanya’s meeting was set by their parents which later turned to love. Varun and Tanya met in 2018 September however tragically, Tanya's father died in October. After this incident, numerous things changed yet the two of them were in contact and they began talking. They talked about each and everything and used to chat consistently. However, Tanya's family was unconscious of their talking. Her family thought they were not associated. After some days, the two of them enlightened their parents regarding their love, and after that, their families met, and lastly, they got hitched.

Pre-Wedding Shoot

Their wedding celebration started with the Pre-wedding shoot. Varun and Tanya had their pre-wedding shoot in Photo Paradise. Their pre-wedding shoot started with a cute proposal. Both of them looked adorable. Both of them wore different attires to make their shoot look more classy and different.

pre wedding shoot

pre wedding picture

capture by rajesh digital

Engagement ceremony

Varun and Tanya exchanged the rings at Satvik by Chhabra Farms. Tanya wore the prettiest frill gown by Sehej Swadeshi and her makeup was done by the artist Ratika Vaish. Varun also looked dashing in his attire. The venue was as charming as the couple. Both of them looked Stylish. The most special thing was in their engagement was their grandmother sang a song for them and gave lots of blessings for their future.

engagement shoot

engagement photography

engagement captures

photography by rajesh digital

Cocktail Ceremony

Varun and Tanya's cocktail ceremony was at Satvik by Chabbra farms. Tanya wore the unique attire by Seeaash Label and wore the jewellery by Benhur Jewels. Tanya's makeup was done by the artist Tantrums studio. There was a lot of dancing and fun. One of the unique things was there was a special Punjabi Bhangra crew who danced on dhol and they encouraged other people also to dance with them on the dhol beats.  Everybody danced and enjoyed the ceremony.

cocktail shoot

best picture by rajesh digital

Mehendi Ceremony

Tanya and Varun's Mehendi ceremony was at the same place. The Mehendi Ceremony was filled with unprecedented delight and melodic celebration. Tanya wore the elegant dress by Sehej Swadeshi. and her makeup was done by the artist dipica. The women got wonderful Mehendi designs drawn on their hands. The colour combinations of our couple's outfit matched very well. Most of the women wore floral jewellery of different colours and designs that suited their attires. Our bride Tanya also wore floral jewellery with white beads in it which looked fantastic.

mehendi photography

mehendi shoot by rajesh digital

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trendy hairstyle shoot

Haldi Ceremony 

Varun and Tanya's Haldi ceremony was at the same place. The venue was decorated with flowers and drapes. Tanya wore the yellow shade dress by Bombay Selections  Their Haldi ceremony was spectacular. Groom and Bride's side families played fiercely with turmeric. They celebrated the ceremony like Holi Haldi Celebration. Everyone applied turmeric to the bride and groom and then had fun in the swimming pool including dance moves.

haldi ceremony shoot

haldi photography

haldi photography by rajesh digital

bride capture

groom haldi capture

Wedding Ceremony

The venue for their wedding was  Satvik by Chhabra farms. The venue was decorated very beautifully. Tanya wore the lehenga by Raghav Creations and Varun wore Sherwani. Her makeup was done by the makeup artist Yashika. She wore her jewellery by Benhur Jewels. Both of them looked fantastic together. Their wedding ceremony was full of emotive traditions and hearty emotions. Everybody gave them Best Wishes for their upcoming life. 

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indian wedding

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We had the most amazing time capturing this wonderful couple Varun and Tanya. May your love become more grounded each and every passing year. We wish them a Happy Married life ahead!- Team Rajesh Digital