Cover for Love story of Abhishek & Pooja that started in CCD

Love story of Abhishek & Pooja that started in CCD

“If you start to care for someone, you become attached to them, you let them enter your heart. <3

It has been always said that Couples who care for each other stays together. Indeed our couple Abhishek & Pooja proved this!

It was a love marriage. Abhishek & Pooja met for the very first time at CCD through some of their common friends. In that first meeting, there was something special that clicked, that brought the two of them closer to each other. For both of them, CCD meetings became a regular thing. On a daily basis, they used to meet at the same place. After meeting daily they used to get each other more. Soon after all those meetings & gossips they realized they have mutual feelings for each other. Pooja used to make cute cards for Abhishek to express her love. At a point of time, Abhishek's father was unwell at that time Pooja took care of him just like her own father, also she prayed for his well being too. That care won Abhishek's heart towards Pooja. Abhishek told that the biggest point for him to love Pooja was her caring nature. He was very much impressed by Pooja's caring nature. Abhishek wanted Pooja to be her life partner forever. According to Pooja, Abhishek was a quiet guy and she always wanted a guy like him. Pooja also added that she adored Abhishek's dimple. After that decided to tell their parents about the relationship. When we asked their families reaction to which they told that their families happily accepted their decision of getting married. In fact, when Abhishek's mother met Pooja for the very first time, that day only she decided to make Pooja as her daughter-in-law. 

Their wedding celebrations started with a Pre-Wedding Shoot:-

Pre-Wedding Shoot

Abhishek & Pooja's pre-wedding shoot was at Picture Destination. The idea and concept of their pre-wedding shoot was very unique. Their shoot had the glimpses of different eras from the 90s to 20s, no doubt their shoot was highly applaudable. The couple wore different attires in their whole shoot.

pre-wedding photography

shoot by rajesh digital

pre-wedding picture

Engagement Ceremony

Pooja & Abhishek exchanged the rings at Radisson Blu. Abhishek looked dapper in formals whereas Pooja looked gorgeous in Gown. Pooja's makeup was done by the makeup artist Pritika Keswani.No doubt their Engagement Ceremony was nothing short of a blast ceremony which was fully overloaded with fun & happiness. Everybody including the couple did lots of fun and danced together on the hit numbers.

engagement ceremony

Mehendi Ceremony

Pooja's Mehendi ceremony was at her home. She wore the pink shade dress along with fresh floral rose jewellery. Everyone did special dance performances for the bride. We can say that her Mehendi ceremony was loaded up with bliss and Joyfulness.

Wedding Ceremony

Their wedding ceremony was at Calista Resort. Pooja wore the elegant lehenga whereas the groom wore the sherwani. Both bride and Groom looked simply adorable. Pooja's makeup was done by the makeup artist Manleen. Their wedding was overloaded with blessings, love & fun.

Abhishek & Pooja's pre-wedding video

Pooja & Abhishek's wedding teaser

We had the most amazing time capturing this wonderful couple Pooja & Abhishek. May your love become more grounded each and every passing year. We wish the newly-weds a Happy Married life ahead!Team Rajesh Digital