Cover for Love Marriage which has been and will be a Trendsetter #Always&Forever

Love Marriage which has been and will be a Trendsetter #Always&Forever

Meet our wonderful couple Shubham and Chetna

Having a ‘someone special’ in your life is a blessing. What’s best is that, if that person stayed with you forever, you tend to forget your past and just be happy!!!

Shubham and Chetna knew each other since 2010. As the 6 years of their relationship were spent in Long Distance. Chetna still recalls the day the two of them met, it was their companion's birthday celebration on Sept, fourteenth. What's more, they clicked at an instance. They went through the entire night moving on this one melody especially 'Sapne mein milti hai'  song and it had been their melodic tune since the time at that point. Shubham asked Chetna out again after this, and they turned out to be great companions. On February seventh, 2011-being prosaism as Shubham said ' I love you ' to Chetna and they began this notable love. They were mainstream from their particular schools, Chetna was from a girl's convent school and his being a convent too as well, thus their romantic tale too was the trendsetter. There were many high points and low points as well in their relationship, as the 6 years of their romantic story were long distanced. Chetna went to Bangalore for her graduation and in this manner to London for post-graduate, while Shubham was here in Meerut building up a name for himself. While Chetna was leaving for London in 2017, September eighteenth, only a day prior to her flight, Shubham called Chetna to his office space and set up a little and sweet sentimental arrangement and proposed her for marriage. It was actually how Chetna needed, in a red shirt, and in a specific tune. It was a very special moment for both of them. Thus when Chetna graduated in London, Shubham came there to take her back to Meerut, just in case if Chetna was ready to move. They arrived in December. After that they told their parents then their families decided to meet and after that Shubham and Chetna were legitimate on February seventh that day Shubham proposed to her in school. They believed that trust and being committed is all takes for their relationship. While Shubham was working day and night for his startup, Chetna pursued her career in Law and the best reason for their success both personally and professionally, is that they encourage each other to go higher and that’s what keeps their relationship strong. At that point, they began the wedding prepares and completed their functions on December first with all the fun and with companions who were more joyful more than them as a result of history.

They both proved ''The hashtag of Always and Forever has always been theirs.''

Engagement Ceremony

Shubham and Chetna exchanged the rings at Golden Palms.  The engagement hall was so beautifully decorated with floral decorations. Chetna wore a light shade gown by Bride and Beautiful which was as magnificent as her whereas Shubham wore black Tuxedo by Diwan Saheb. Chetna's makeup was done by the makeup artist Amit Makeovers

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engagement photography

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Haldi Ceremony

The Haldi ceremony of the bride and groom was at their respective homes. Everyone applied haldi to the groom as Haldi is an antiseptic agent and also an essential part of this ceremony. Everyone gave lots of blessings to the groom for his upcoming life.

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Mehendi Ceremony

Shubham and Chetna's Mehendi ceremony was at the same place. Both the couple looked dashing in their attires. All the family members of both sides were present on Mehendi Day. Their Mehendi ceremony was filled with joy, dance and musical celebration. All the relatives and guests rocked the dance stage with their dance twists.

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mehendi photoshoot

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Wedding Ceremony

The most important day in everybody's life is their Wedding Day. The venue for the wedding was the Grand 5. It had a large gathering of people. The decoration of the wedding mesmerized by everyone. The Bride looked elegant in a lehenga by Aditya and Mohit which groom matched handsomely with the Sherwani by Shyamal. Just like most of the brides, Chetna also did her classic entry under the phholon ki chadar accompanied by her companions. Her makeup was done by the makeup artist Jaspreet Bumrah. Both Bride and Groom looked magnificent on their wedding.  

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We had a lot of fun to capture this beautiful couple. May your love grow stronger each passing year. We wish Shubham and Chetna a Happy Married life ahead! - RAJESH DIGITAL