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Love Has Its Own Magic That Makes Life Always Shine

Meet our lovely couple Rahul & Neha

It is said Love is not something you go out and look for, love finds you. And it happens when you least expect it. This is what happened with Rahul and Neha. Passionate and determined, Rahul was focussing on his personal goal in running and was training from the past six months in a gym. Sincere and hard-working girl, Neha was excited for a break from the regular schedule and an upcoming trip to Goa. She decided to join a gym two months before the trip. So, this is where it all started, the gym. Neha observed Rahul training like crazy which made her curious to know his story. They generally started talking to each other and became good friends in just a short span of time. There was something special that clicked them towards each other. They started doing exercise together in the gym, going for runs, scooty rides, movie-dates, and eating out. As time passed, their bond got stronger and Neha finally confessed that she is in love with him. Rahul felt delighted to hear it from her, however, he had notions against marriage and never wanted to do one. He explained his belief and requested her to get over these feelings. However, Neha had a strong faith in her love, and she believed that it would change Rahul’s conception of marriage. And this is what happened when Rahul went to Pune for a job, he terribly missed her presence and spending time with her. A few months later, he searched for a job in Delhi just to come back to her. He confessed his love and was ready to meet her family. Neha’s family was pleasured seeing them both in love and being ready to take the next big step in their lives. Now it was time for Rahul to introduce Neha to his family. Being shy and initially being against marriages he took time to open in front of his parents. And when he did, they got surprisingly happy about his decision. On the same day, he brought Neha to his home to introduce her. They were pleased after meeting her and immediately called her parents too, to take things forward.

Sagan Ceremony

Rahul and Neha’s Sagan rituals took place Grand Horizon. Neha wore the gorgeous outfit by Rudrakshi whereas Rahul wore an amazing formal outfit by Fashion Palace. Neha's makeup was done at the Hairmasters. She looked magnificent in the attire whereas Rahul looked dapper in formals. Our couple did a very special dance performance though Rahul was a little bit nervous as he was a camera-shy person still he danced with full confidence just for Neha. The whole event was like a musical night. Everybody enjoyed special moments together.

Mehendi Ceremony

Neha's Mehendi ceremony was at Royal Castle. Neha wore a beautifully embroidered mirror work lehenga along with the Maang Tikka. She looked perfect at her Mehendi ceremony. All the relatives & friends had a rocking time together and tirelessly danced for hours. We can say that her Mehendi ceremony was loaded up with bliss and happiness.

Haldi Ceremony

The beautification of Haldi makes the Haldi ceremony an important ritual before the wedding. The Haldi Ceremony of groom and bride was at their respective homes. Neha wore a yellow saree along with pink floral jewellery. Each and every family member and friends applied Haldi to the bride and gave her blessings for the upcoming life.

Wedding Ceremony

Neha and Rahul's wedding ceremony took place at Starland Banquet. Neha wore the elegant lehenga by Shehnai whereas the groom wore the sherwani by Fashion palace. Both Bride and Groom looked simply adorable, happy, and totally in love. Neha's makeup was done at the Hairmasters. She did her classic entry under the 'phoolon ki chadar' accompanied by her brothers. Neha did a breath-taking lip-dub video on the song 'Yaad Piya ki aane Lagi' which was one of the special things at the wedding. At last, their wedding was overloaded with blessings, love & lots of fun.

We had the most amazing time capturing this wonderful couple Rahul & Neha. May your love become more grounded each and every passing year. We wish the newly-weds a Happy Married life ahead!- Team Rajesh Digital