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Love Has Its Own Magic That Makes Life Always Shine

Meet our lovely couple Rahul & Neha

Rahul & Neha met around three years ago in a gym. Rahul was doing exercise while Neha just joined the gym. They both started talking to each other and became good friends in just a short span of time. There was something special that clicked them towards each other. Neha and Rahul decided to meet after the gym so they went for a movie date and after that, they went subway. As they both were fitness freaks so they used to go to Subway to spend time with each other. Actually, at first glance only, Neha liked Rahul. In fact, Neha confessed that she had a crush on Rahul. After a few months, when Rahul went to Pune for a job so they went through a long-distance relationship. When he went to Pune he realized that it was difficult to live without her so he confessed that he had feelings for her. And, they used to have late-night conversations. There were so many ups & downs in their relationship. With every passing day, their love for each other grew stronger. They both had some strong connection that can't be felt with anyone else. Ever since the beginning, Rahul used to hate the idea of getting married. But when he came back from Pune he realized that if he wants to live with Neha he has to marry her. Neha's family already knew about Rahul and her family wanted her to marry him. When they pressurized Neha then Rahul came to her house to tell her parents that he is ready to marry her. It took Rahul a little time to tell at home. As he used to always say that he will not marry but all of a sudden he told his family about Neha and that same evening he called Neha at his house to meet the parents. His family was very shocked as the person who used to hate the idea of marriage is now ready to get married but after meeting Neha they liked her and very happy with his decision.

Engagement Ceremony

Rahul and Neha exchanged the rings at Grand Horizon. Neha wore the gorgeous outfit by Rudrakshi whereas the groom looked dapper in the outfit by Fashion Place. Rahul & Neha exchanged the rings at Grand Horizon. Neha looked gorgeous in the attire by Rudrakshi whereas Rahul looked dapper in formals. Our couple did a very special dance performance though Rahul was a little bit nervous as he was a camera-shy person still he danced with full confidence just for Neha. The whole event was like a musical night. Everybody enjoyed special moments together.

Mehendi Ceremony

Neha's Mehendi ceremony was at Royal Castle. Neha wore a beautifully embroidered mirror work lehenga along with the Matha Patti. She looked perfect at her Mehendi ceremony. All the relatives & friends had a rocking time together. We can say that her Mehendi ceremony was loaded up with bliss and happiness.

Haldi Ceremony

The beautification of Haldi makes the Haldi ceremony an important ritual before the wedding. The Haldi Ceremony of groom and bride was at their respective homes. Neha wore a yellow saree along with floral jewellery. Each and every family member applied Haldi to the bride and gave her blessings for the upcoming life.

Wedding Ceremony

Neha and Rahul's wedding ceremony was at Starland Banquet. Neha wore the elegant lehenga by Shenai whereas the groom wore the sherwani by Fashion place. Both bride and Groom looked simply adorable. Neha's makeup was done by the Hairmasters. She did her classic entry under the 'phoolon ki chadar' accompanied by her brothers. Neha did a breathtaking lip-dub video on the song 'Yaad Piya ki aane Lagi' which was one of the special things at the wedding. At last, their wedding was overloaded with blessings, love & lots of fun. 

We had the most amazing time capturing this wonderful couple Rahul & Neha. May your love become more grounded each and every passing year. We wish the newly-weds a Happy Married life ahead!- Team Rajesh Digital