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Love finds it own ways when you believe in it

Meet our dashing couple Rohit & Niharika

Rohit and Niharika had a love marriage. Their love story started when Rohit saw Niharika's picture through one of his mutual. The moment he saw Niharika's picture he passionately decided that Niharika is the only one he wants to get married to. So he told the mutual about his feelings and sent a marriage proposal through him to which Niharika said no since she did not want to get married at that stage. Rohit had a belief that no matter what "if she is in my destiny she will be mine", he did not give up and tried all the possible ways to reach her. Since Rohit just knew her name so it took him almost a month to search her account on the social media platforms. After he found out about Niharika, they started talking to each other and soon realized that they've developed feelings for each other. After that, they told their parents about their relationship which they accepted whole-heartedly.

Pre-wedding shoot 

Rohit & Niharika's pre-wedding shoot was at Picture Villa. Our duo looked completely adorable. The couple wore different attires in their whole shoot. We can say that their pre-wedding shoot was worth capturing. 

Engagement Ceremony

Rohit and Niharika exchanged the rings at Bellamonde Hotels. The bride wore the beautiful outfit by Lalit Dalmia whereas the groom wore the outfit by Brahaan by Narains. Niharika's subtle makeup was done by the artist Guneet Virdi. The duo looked completely adorable. There were so many electrifying dance performances by the family members including our couple which mesmerized everybody.  

Mehendi Ceremony

The Mehendi ceremony of bride and groom was at the same place. The duo wore vibrant shades in which they looked absolutely stunning. The bride completed the look along with the floral jewellery. Their Mehendi ceremony was filled with enthusiasm, laughter, songs, dances. 

Wedding Ceremony

The venue of their wedding was Bellamonde Hotels. The venue was large and was very beautifully decorated. Their wedding witnessed with a huge gathering. Our bride looked gorgeous in the beautiful lehenga by Aditya and Mohit whereas the groom looked dapper in the Sherwani by Sarab Khanijou. Niharika's makeup was done by the artist Guneet Virdi. Their wedding was overloaded with blessings, love & fun.

May your love expand long-lasting every passing year. We wish Rohit & Niharika All the very best & A Happy Married life ahead! - Team Rajesh Digital