Cover for Jyoti and Rishabh || Romantic Pre Wedding

Jyoti and Rishabh || Romantic Pre Wedding

Pre-wedding photography has become such a popular trend nowadays, and each and every couple wants to try something new with their shoot and Jyoti and Rishabh were no different. They both wanted a photoshoot that would leave people's mouths ajar.


Jyoti and Rishabh decided that they want a themed pre-wedding shoot and they also wanted props. As the couple loved hanging out together and also reading books so we tried to include both the scenarios in their pre-wedding shoots.

So, being the best pre-wedding photographer in Delhi we didn't disappoint them. We make the first set to look like a romantic getaway and it really worked.

And that's not just it, we shot the couple at 3 different locations with 3 different outfits. The shoot was really amazing and we loved working with Jyoti and Rishabh.

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