Cover for Just like Kabir Singh,  Vivek found her Preeti

Just like Kabir Singh, Vivek found her Preeti

Well, Preeti and Vivek's story is one of our most favorite tales and you'll know why. When lockdown plays a major role in finding your soulmate, It definitely is a win. Let us take you through this sweet little tale. 

Basically, Preeti's hometown is Faridabad but she was working in Mumbai while Vivek has his own business. Coincidentally Preeti came to Faridabad and got stuck here because of lockdown. Her family was already looking for a perfect guy for her but couldn't meet most of them due to safety measures and avoiding travelling during Covid. But, the fun part is Preeti wasn't too serious about the idea of getting married, She took it jokingly as she thought she'll go back to Mumbai soon. A little while later, a mutual suggested both the families to see each other, Both Preeti's and Vivek's dad got in touch and the families met.

After the families were fine by each other, Preeti and Vivek met. Both were a little nervous to see each other but, for Preeti, it was literally a relatable scene from Jab We Met because Preeti is super bubbly and talkative whereas Vivek is a little calm and composed. Preeti's first impression of Vivek was as if he doesn't speak at all so she was a little confused if he even likes her because he wasn't giving any hints. They couldn't meet each other much but ultimately the wedding plan was on.

Days went by and it was time for their Pre-Wedding shoot with Rajesh Digital. That was the time when they both could actually explore each other. Preeti was literally shocked to discover this new avatar of Vivek that she actually adored, He talked a lot more, And his acting skills were so on point. The couple had a great time during the shoot.

Sometime after they were all set to take the next steps. The couple had a great time at their Engagement and looked absolutely gorgeous together.

Haldi and Mehendi ceremony was a blast with their family and friends at their respective places. Take a look here

Preeti and Vivek tied the knot on the 10th of December at Mithas Forever, She looked amazingly beautiful in her outfit by Frontier Raas, Make-up by Rashi Sehgal, and Jewelry by Frontier Raas and Soni Sapphire while Vivek looked dapper in his outfit by Philocaly Menswear. We surely love how the couple is quite opposite in nature but still find a common ground and understands each other. Being each other's support and balancing out things between them is something every couple should have and we wish them the best. Since Vivek admires Shahid Kapoor, We can definitely say, Just like Kabir Singh, Vivek found her Preeti.

We had a lot of fun capturing this beautiful couple. May your love grow stronger with each passing year. We wish Vivek and Preeti a very Happy Married life ahead! - RAJESH DIGITAL