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Jone & Isha || A Pretty As A Picture Cross-Cultural Wedding

We at the team of Rajesh Digital lately shot the wedding of Jone & Isha. This was surely one of the weddings that will be hard for us to forget. The reason for that is it was a cross-cultural wedding.
Jone & Isha wanted to get married in Rajasthan in a proper traditional way. So they choose Trident Udaipur for the venue. It is an amazing hotel that has a very fort vibe going for it. Making it one of the best places in Rajasthan to get married.

It was a really colorful wedding. We could see on their faces that both the families were having the time of their lives. Everyone was so happy to see Jone & Isha tying the knot.
Even though Jone and his family didn't know much about Indian wedding traditions, they participated in them with full dedication. Jone was very excited to wear his sherwani and made sure we captured the moment when wore it on the wedding day.

We understood that it's not just us Indians who can't control their feet after hearing a dhol, and the reason we say that is that the groom's family enjoyed a lot dancing at the dhol.
After the wedding, when the sun came down and the fort's light came on, the whole scene look unreal.
We had a great time shooting the wedding of Jone & Isha.

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