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#Intimate Delhi Wedding Where This Duo Served Home Cooked Food!

We are so happy to see couples who are not letting a pandemic ruin their special day. Seeing them overcoming obstacles to get hitched makes us fall with love a little more. We at the Rajesh Digital always try to turn this pandemic into opportunity with some creativity like Facetime shoot in lockdown and now intimate wedding of 30 to 50 people. We always try to think out of the box to bring a smile. Garima and Pratyaksh commemorated their eternal love with a beautiful intimate home ceremony. The world may have stopped but with a little innovation we can cope up with this world pandemic as well!!

Meet Our #lockdowncouple Garima & Pratyaksh

Garima and Pratyaksh met in November through a mediator. It clicked in the first meeting itself and they got Rokafied in November last year. They started meeting regularly after the Roka ceremony. Introducing each other with extended family and taking care of each other likes and dislikes. And, most importantly planning for their D-Day. Like many others, they also wanted to celebrate their love with a gathering of 500 people and a grand celebration, the universe, however, had other plans. Their dream of having the fairytale wedding on the 13th April 2020 was changed a little when a nationwide lockdown was announced. For four months Garima and Pratyaksh were planning for this day and it was useless at the end. Till the 18th of May, they weren't clear about when they will be married. Garima and Pratyakshwere so much in love and wanted to be together at the absolute first possibility they get. Before long, after the government declared a few relaxations in the lockdown their desire for getting hitched illuminated.

Garima says, "Initially we were sceptical about should we get married this way or should we wait for the situation to get better as we would not have our family and friends with us and we get married only once in a lifetime. But as we were not sure that when the situation will be OK, and we were eager to be together. So, in the end, we felt excited about this and took all the positives. It was an amazing feeling we did everything that I wanted since my childhood." 

Engagement Ceremony

As people could be limited, boys side decided to do a ring ceremony function at their place so that one side of the family meets and blesses on ring ceremony and the wedding was held at the Garima's house. The family members performed in the Balcony.  

And for the enjoyment of both the families, they planned a small Mehndi & Haldi function 

The Wedding Day

Both the families decided to do the wedding at home. They did all the work by themselves like food, decoration, arrangements, parlour work. They did Potluck for food. Garima's makeup was done by Shruti Sharma. The couple's portrait was shot at Garima's neighbour's house. We thoroughly loved every bit of the wedding. We especially adored the way that everything from the welcome beverages and snacks, to the main course, was home-cooked. And while most Indian weddings are about grand celebrations, this intimate affair taught us that intimate celebrations can also happen.

Photographer's view

Our photographers were really excited to be back on the shoot. They say, "It was fun and challenging at the same time because we have to capture the wedding in confined spaces. We shoot their portrait on the roads, Parking lot, and everywhere where we found the opportunities. We were sanitized properly, and all necessary precautions were taken with respect to our equipment. Also, we always try to imagine our customer's perspective and convey content appropriately. With guest lists limited to just family in intimate gatherings, the planning is definitely scaled to a calmer and stress-free environment, as our clients can solely focus on the joyous union. And, thus allowing us to focus on the love between two people and their families."

We had the most amazing time capturing this beautiful couple. We wish the newlyweds lot of happiness and good health - Team Rajesh Digital