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Know All About Indian Wedding Rituals Traditions & Customs

A wedding is one of the most sacred events that we wait to witness for years. It is the day when you are ready to begin the new chapter of your life with a person whom you love or will love. Every culture has its own way of celebrating festivals, events, and marriages. And every way has its own significance. Some cultures celebrate different ceremonies amid wedding events. 

In this blog, we will tell you some Indian weddings, Rituals, and customs. If you are planning to go to an Indian Wedding Ceremony or you are a wedding planner and want to learn what it is like to plan an Indian wedding, then this blog is for you. 

Know All About Indian Wedding Rituals Traditions & Customs

Kundli Matching 

Those Indian families who believe in matching the Kundlis (the birth horoscope chart) of the prospective bride and the groom perform this as their first ritual before they actually begin the wedding ceremony or the rituals. 

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Roka Ceremony

Sagai, Roka, and Mangni mean exactly the same. In some communities in India, it is also termed "chheka". This is regarded as one of the foremost official wedding rituals in Indian Wedding Traditions that take place between the closets family and friends. This is the ceremony that involves the acceptance of marriage and marks the beginning of their marriage as the to-be bride and groom exchange rings to make their marriage a formal journey of togetherness. Both groom and bride say yes and they begin to celebrate that the marriage between the two has been fixed and no family can look for other prospect brides of grooms. 

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Mehendi Ceremony

This is the ceremony that is celebrated at the bride’s home where the bride’s hands and feet are festooned by the mehndi designs. This ceremony takes place a few days before the actual wedding ceremony.

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Haldi Ceremony

This is another ceremony that holds great significance in Hindu weddings. Halid (turmeric) paste and sandalwood and milk paste are applied to the body of groom and the bride at their respective homes by their families, friends, and relatives. This ceremony is done to get rid of the evil eye. This ceremony is performed a day before the wedding in the morning of the wedding day. 

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indian marriage rituals

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Jaimala Ceremony

This is the ceremony that happens on the day of the wedding. In this ceremony, the bride and the groom exchange beautiful, heavily loaded flower garlands - signifying that they have accepted each other as husband and wife.

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