Cover for In the midst of family chaos, They chose love - Inter-caste Wedding

In the midst of family chaos, They chose love - Inter-caste Wedding

Meet our lovely couple Bhavesh & Priya

Bhavesh & Priya's love story started in Gurgaon when they started their career in the same company. They started knowing each other really well. They got pretty close after some 4 months and since then became best friends but never proposed to each other and kept their feelings a secret. However, Priya's parents pressured her to change the job after a year of dating Bhavesh so she could focus more on her career, Later within a few months, Bhavesh too left his job and settled in Pune. Since they both had the same career domain they used to understand each other on a better level. The years 2017-2018 in their life were all about the long-distance relationship and they hardly used to meet, just on occasions to celebrate festivals. Things were hitting rocks after some time due to a long-distance relationship and job pressure but their dedication towards each other never let them leave each other alone in any situation. Long texts and phone calls were their favourite part of the day because they used to share each detail of their day. Post-2018, Bhavesh left his job and settled in Gurgaon for Priya and their love.

Now it was time to focus on the bigger picture and that was their caste. Priya was born in a Brahmin family from Lucknow whereas Bhavesh belonged to a Jaat family in Gurgaon so there was a huge clash and we all know the loopholes in Indian society when it comes to inter-caste marriages, It's a huge trauma. Sometime later Bhavesh officially proposed to Priya and it was a huge yes from her side but they knew they'll have to fight to be together. They kept doing it, fighting for each other, solving issues between the family, and trying to get approval. After a lot of arguments and clashes, they succeeded at last and were ready to ring the wedding bells and tie the knot.

The couple got engaged in February 2020 and just then the Pandemic due to Corona Virus hit. Now because of being home quarantined they hardly used to meet after the engagement. There was almost a 9-month gap between the engagement date and the marriage date which gave the families enough time to get into some serious clashes and disagreements again. The marriage plans were almost over in May but the couple didn't lose hope and went against the odds to get married on the same date as planned by sponsoring their marriage completely at their own expense. That takes a lot of guts, right? The couple could've gone for a simple small gathering wedding but Bhavesh always wanted a big celebration and every ritual to go as same as any Hindu wedding. They chose the best they could manage for them to have their dream wedding. And not just this, The couple also set up their own home so they could live together happily after their marriage.

Bhavesh & Priya enjoyed each and every function whether it was Haldi or Mehendi. 

Haldi Shoot

mehendi photography

mehendi photography

Their wedding was held at Pllazio Hotel. Talking about the outfits the bride wore a magnificent Red-color lehenga designed by Frontier Raas whereas the groom wore the Sherwani by Mohanlal & Sons. The duo looked completely adorable. Priya's makeup was done by the Tantrum Makeup Studio. Their wedding had the complete package of fun, happiness, blessings, and lots of dhamaal. 

Couple Shoot

Couple picture


Well, love like this is what we crave, The couple has definitely taught us when you get someone who loves you unconditionally and would fight the world for you, Hold onto them. In the midst of family chaos, They chose love. Even after all the drama and against all odds, The couple is happily married and we wish them the best for their future. Inter-caste wedding is tough even in today's time but where there's love, there's peace.

More Power and Love to Bhavesh and Priya- Team Rajesh Digital