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Ideas to plan a perfect Romantic themed wedding

When it comes to all the themes out there, a romantic wedding theme may seem the most appropriate for a day filled with so much love and romance. Many couples have fallen head over heels for this dreamy aesthetic. Your wedding day is all about celebrating your love so add as many hints of something that is meaningful to you both.

Before you start searching for ideas the first thing you should start looking for is a perfect venue that matches your ideas, The venue must be giving real as well as dreamy fairytale vibes. Main Ceremonies in beautiful gardens or any open-air venues are perfect for romantic weddings because of their fresh vibe but you can really turn any venue romantic with lovely, delicate details Start by sending out romantic wedding invitations featuring classic calligraphy, and go heavy on the florals with hanging installations and romantic wedding centerpieces, chandeliers, etc.

Here are some tips for adding some romance on your wedding day, and creating the kind of ambiance your guests will never forget 

1) Floral Invitations

Up your theme with a floral, unique and romantic wedding invitations for all your guests.

2) Host a ceremony amongst flowers

 If you can find one, find a ceremony location with naturally growing florals and greenery so you don't have to worry much about the decorations, you will definitely love the romantic vibe of these ceremonies.  A location somewhere in the outdoor which has a lot of greenery, flowers with attached dining space would be perfect for you.

Wedding from Sarita & Jake by Rajesh digital

3) Keep your color pallet light 

Having a pastel palette throughout your wedding instantly entreats up images of romance, feminity and beauty. For this space, soft green and blush fabrics covering the lounge area would be the best.

Wedding from Sarita & Jake by Rajesh digital

4) A touch of Whimsy 

Sometimes your guests might feel more like they’re witnessing your romance than feeling it for themselves. So adding activities that’s fun and sweet, will get them involved in your day. Activities like dancing and games would add a lot of fun to your wedding. 

Wedding from Sarita & Jake by Rajesh digital

5) Intimate atmosphere seating

There’s something really special about long dining tables, that creates a closer, familiar feel over the more formal round variety or top table set-up. Choosing a long dining table will give you and your other guests a chance to mingle 

6) Consider a floral wedding cake

To add just a touch of romance, consider a floral wedding cake. A romantic wedding cake with elegant details and a classic design, pastel colors would add another touch of romance and sweet treats to your wedding.

7) The Lighting for Indoor ceremonies 

Lighting is perhaps the one element that can transform the vibe of your wedding real quick. The lighting won't cost you much budget because you can always go with decent fairy lights and candles.


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