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How to plan a pre-wedding shoot during Covid 19

As we all know that we all are facing a hard time but that does not mean that we should give up, we have to fight this epidemic firmly. We all know that due to coronavirus a large number of weddings & shoots have been cancelled but we also don't know when this coronavirus will end so now when the government has allowed and had granted some kinds of relaxations now If anyone feels their day will be too different from the one they wanted, it is generally better to get it done rather than to cancel it. 

Rajesh Digital provides you with some of the tips which should be kept in mind while having a pre-wedding shoot 

1- Location

One of the most important point during a COVID pre-wedding shoot is deciding the location. As we know that due to pandemic one cannot travel the places which are very far away but yes one can choose the location which is near to them to avoid any kind of problem afterwards. Doing the shoot nearby will have fewer chances of infection. One should contact the location vendor before visiting any place because they will help you in giving all the location guidelines etc. One should choose the location with less crowd in it because it will help in maintaining social distancing.

2- Sanitizers & Face mask 

Due to coronavirus face masks & sanitizers have become an essential part of our daily lives so one must ensure to carry all of the essentials during their shoot.

3-Preferring Local photographers

Due to COVID, we know that travelling from one state to another is somehow difficult & risky too. So one must try to opt the photographer within their area itself as it saves their time of travelling and it will have fewer chances of infection. Also, travelling from one state to another is restricted in some states so it's better to opt for the local photographer.

4- Try carrying our own props

Due to safety measures, it is advisable if possible one should carry their own props for their shoot. Because we know that our safety is in our hands so for our own safety one must try to carry props.

5-Duration of Shoot

Duration of the shoot should be kept in mind before the shoot. Due to coronavirus, the government has released some of the guidelines related to timings. One should take care of the timings. In this pandemic, one should opt for a short duration shoot for better safety purpose.

6- Prepare your poses before shoot

Due to the short duration of the shoot, the couple shoot practices the poses in advance so that their time could be saved for later. You can share your ideas with the photographer before the shoot so that the photographer also gets the idea like what their customer actually wants. Preparing the poses will help both the sides.

So if you are planning a Pre-Wedding Shoot just don't postpone it rather than you can choose us! We follow all the safety measures and guidelines as per given by the government.- Team Rajesh Digital